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5 Ways to Completely Transform Your Look

You can probably categorize your friends in terms of how they look, and this is possible due to their preferences. Perhaps some of your friends dislike using makeup all the time, or perhaps some of them use it a little too much for your personal tastes. Maybe one of your friends can rock multi-coloured eyeshadows without looking silly, or perhaps someone you know absolutely loves high-end fashion.

The choices we make regarding our appearance often define who we are. Our choice of clothing usually depends on our frugality (or lack of it) and the way we put on makeup and do our hair can change depending on our circumstances.

But since our appearance is so closely tied to our lifestyles, can we make a complete transformation to our look?


Transform Your Look
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1. Focus on your self-esteem

Your self-esteem typically stems from how confident you are in your body and your appearance. Many people find themselves pressured by society, being forced to conform to certain dress standards depending on their neighbourhood, their workplace or other factors. If your self-esteem is being harmed, then try adding your own rebellious tones to your appearance and outfit. For instance, do away with boring single-tone shirts and wear what makes you happy. Be it bright and colourful patterns or a logo of your favourite television show, wear what makes you feel great and boosts your self-esteem.

2. Change your attitude

Attitude and personality have more to say than just your clothes. Wearing street fashion doesn’t suddenly make you “street”, and wearing a suit doesn’t mean you’re going to be invited to a fancy dinner with your boss. The clothes you wear only tell part of the story, so focus on changing your attitude if you really want to transform your look and how people perceive you.

3. Consider more drastic measures

There are plenty of ways to completely change your appearance, but it depends on how far you’re willing to go. Some women are more than happy to look for a plastic surgeon to help them transform their bodies, and some are fine with small non-invasive cosmetic procedures to change small parts of their face. If you’re serious about transforming your look, then this is a viable option.

4. Find fashion that you personally love

Don’t just wear brands that you see everyone else wearing. Instead, find your own style by looking for inspiration in fashion magazines, style bloggers or even social media. Find what you personally love in fashion and change out your wardrobe so you have new clothes to wear that fit your personality instead of trying to fit in and copy others around you.

5. Colours are everything

Colour can say a lot about someone’s appearance. If you’re used to neutral colours that blend in and are inoffensive, then consider a bright and colourful change. For instance, consider changing your hair colour and adding different tones, or think about the type of makeup you use and the clothes you wear. Colours can completely transform someone’s appearance, so make good use of it!

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Breaking Free From an Addiction

Free From Addiction
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Addictions are something we are starting to talk about much more commonly today, which is good as almost everyone engages in some form of addictive behaviour - as the majority of addictions are merely coping mechanisms.

We all know someone that’s looking to give up smoking or stop comfort eating in an attempt to lose weight, and similarly, many of us will know people that have sought help in terms of recovery from alcohol and drug abuse.  Today, addictions are much less of a taboo than they once were as many people we look up to, in the world of celebrities, are known for battling addictions with sporadic stints in rehab.

That said, not everyone is able to afford rehab, so in this article we’re going to look at an underlying fundamental principle when it comes to breaking free from an addiction.

The core aspect of any addictive behaviour, and perhaps that’s the first thing to realise - an addiction is a habitual pattern of behaviour that starts to have power over us due to the meaning we attach to it.

It’s a universal truth that nothing in life has meaning, other than the meaning to which we attach to it, thus everything is fundamentally subjective.  Now, for someone that associates smoking with stress relief, for instance, it’s going to be hard to break the pattern of behavior because they associate smoking with something positive - stress relief - so in their mind, the way they are wired to think about smoking is not something that is causing harm, but, something that’s causing pleasure… even though, intellectually they may know it’s bad for them, we are emotional creatures and somewhat subservient to our emotional drives.

In that sense, if you want to stop smoking, you simply need to change the association - stop associating a positive meaning to the activity of putting a cigarette in your mouth, and start associating pain.

If you’ve ever noticed, this is at the core of all positive change, as many times, it’s only when a doctor says the three most dreaded words in our language “you have cancer” that people start to make some lifestyle shifts… and even then, some people will continue to smoke, because they are so attached to the meaning of “smoking equals pleasure or comfort” they choose not to give it up.

That’s the other aspect to this, addictions, whilst they might not feel like it - are a choice - agreed, sometimes addictions can truly play havoc with people’s lives and they don’t feel they are in control, as the addiction takes over, but fundamentally, what a person chooses to do, is a choice.

Therefore, to get someone to make a different choice, you simply need to help them associate pleasure with a more positive habit and pain with the addictive behaviour.  The more pain they associate with the thing they are wanting to change, then the more able they will be to shift the meaning and ultimately break free from the addiction.

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In Bizarre Weight Loss Tips Diet Health Ways To Lose Weight Weight Loss

Eight Bizarre Weight Loss Tricks That Work

No matter where you go online, you can find a solution for weight loss. Whether you’re looking to loosen up your muscles to make yourself more bendy or you’re looking for a quick-fix solution for that little black dress event ahead, there’s always a way to get there. The thing is, weight loss isn’t a one size fits all activity. Losing weight and getting healthier is individual and what works for one person won’t be the solution for someone else. There are healthy ways to lose weight long term, but if you want to experiment and try something new, or even if you just want to lose those last couple of pounds, then these eight quirky ways could work for you.

Sniff, Sniff.
This is going to sound truly bizarre, but if you want to go totally quirky for your weight loss, how about sniffing fruit or peppermint? It’s true. There have been studies performed with over three thousand volunteers and the more frequently that people sniffed these foods, the less hungry they were. It’s like the brain is tricked into thinking you’re eating. Try not to sniff apples unless you plan to eat them though; especially not those in a shared fruit bowl at work.

Breakfast Like A King.
Eating a big breakfast means that you slowly release energy throughout the day, and in doing so, you curb your need to snack on junk foods. A smaller dinner compared to a bigger, more calorific breakfast could be the very answer that you need to slim down.

A Cup Of Motivation.
Social media is full of information about Skinny Coffees and detox teas, when really, all you need is to go a little natural. We all know the great things about green tea, but if you haven’t yet, it may be time to read up on the benefits of ginger tea for weight loss. Not only do you get to try a new flavour, but you get the chance to have a delicious cup of tea instead of a sugary soft drink.

Set Up Patterns.
Every time you get a piece of junk mail or a takeaway menu through your mailbox, do a jog around the block for every piece you get. Ten pieces equals ten laps. When you set up patterns like this, not only are you encouraging your body to get moving, you’re going to feel fantastic about yourself as you go.

Weight Loss
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Mirror, Mirror.
No one likes to watch themselves eat. It’s just not nice to clock an image of yourself chowing down on your dinner like it’s the last meal on earth. So, if you’re having an issue with seeing yourself eat, then perhaps it’s time to mount a mirror on the wall opposite your seat at the dining table. If you don’t like what you see, it can be enough to help you learn to cut back on your snacks and eat more nutrient-rich foods.
Get Accountable.
It may not be your thing, but Instagram is actually a fantastic weight loss tool. Having a following of people who are waiting for you to post your meals is a good way to feel like you need to shoot your food. Get accountable with it and let others see what you’re eating. This way, you can learn to create better food habits for yourself.
Scented Candles – Not For Consumption.
Lighting a scented candle after dinner in a vanilla or fruity scent can head off cravings for dessert foods. The appetite is suppressed, and you can breeze on with your day without the chocolate eclairs calling your name from the refrigerator.
Go Blue
Did you know that a colour can be an appetite suppressant? There are very few restaurants out there that have blue lighting, and it’s because people don’t find their food as appealing when it’s highlighted with blue. If you aim to eat on blue plates and have a blue tablecloth, you’re more likely to eat less of your food. Orange, yellow and red are colours that are full, which encourages you to eat more. Isn’t the brain great?
There are – of course – so very many more ways that you can lose weight, both quirky and conventional. The question is about what could work for you. Don’t measure your progress against anyone else’s, just trust in the method you choose and take notes on how it’s working for you. You could really be surprised in what you find. Trust the process and the weight will go.

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In beauty Facelifts fashion How To Stop Ageing Ways To Revamp Your Wardrobe

Ways To Stop The Clock On Ageing

We may not have access to the fountain of eternal youth, but that doesn't stop us wanting to look and feel our best as we get older.If we were to win big gambling on the likes of the lottery, we’re sure we’d be on the hunt for our own fountain of eternal youth. But, aging is a natural process that should be embraced for the wisdom and calmness it brings - but reaching a certain number doesn’t mean that you have to abandon caring about your appearance. How we look is form of self-expression, after all. Here are some top new tricks to stop the clock and feel at your best…

Plan a Hair Makeover

Although it may not be the first thing you think of, hair can be a significant aging factor - and one that is easily corrected. While many reach for the hair dye to cover greying strands, if the shade you pick is too dark, you're going to run into trouble. Too dark locks can be harsh and draining, making you look older, while over highlighting can also give hair a brassy appearance that is equally aging. Consulting a professional colorist is the way forward. If thinning strands are more of an issue, there are now effective at home treatments, from thickening sprays to bulk up strands and disguise thinning patches to high tech solutions to achieve hair re-growth, such as the capillus laser cap.

Get Moving

Your number one anti-aging secret weapon? Exercise. Not only does it do wonders for your general health and mental well being, but it also gets the blood pumping- giving skin and hair a boost of nutrients and oxygen. Make outdoor exercise your goal on a daily basis - a gentle jog or a power walk for half an hour is achievable for even the busiest among us. It will make you look so much fresher as well as gradually helping to tone up and shed any extra pounds. You can shave years off your appearance by adopting exercise as a habit - the key is to find something you love doing, be that joining in a Pilates class or hitting the squash court. You can even find low-impact home workouts for when the weather is less favorable.

Collaborative Content

Use Makeup For A Facelift

If you don't have a surgeon on speed dial, careful application of cosmetics can fake the same effect. To achieve the effect of an eye life, contour the eyes with natural colored shadows, with a light shade on the lid and a deeper shade swept into the crease to disguise drooping lids. Something like the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette or NYX Lid Lingerie have the perfect array of shades to achieve this scalpel-free transformation.  Similarly, a pink blush in a dewy, creamy formulation is your friend. Patted into the apples of cheeks and swept upwards, it gives a lifted look and a flattering youthful flush, drawing the eye upwards.

Revamp Your Wardrobe

Getting older doesn't mean that you have to avoid the latest trends- the secret to making it age appropriate lies in how you style it. Avoid going too matchy matchy as this can look dated and instead mix up your style - clashing leopard print with a breton stripe or mixing a floral dress with a leather jacket looks great at any age.

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In Body Mass Index Dental Checkups Health Health Checkups You Need Heart Problems

4 Health Checkups That Everybody Needs

Nobody likes going to the doctors and most of us just end up putting it off until there’s something seriously wrong with you. But the best way to stay on top of your health is to catch problems early when they’re easily treatable and they’re not likely to turn into something more serious. That’s why regular checkups with the doctor are so important, especially as you start to get older. These are the health checkups that everybody needs to be getting.

Hearing Tests 

People don’t think about hearing problems until they get older. They think that they’re a health issue that only affects pensioners but that’s not true. You’re never too young to have hearing problems so it’s worth getting them checked every couple of years. People don’t often think about how difficult hearing problems can be to live with but if you need a hearing aid and you haven’t got one, you’re going to struggle to get by in social situations. Even though you might not like the idea of getting your ears checked and wearing a hearing aid, it’s far better than the alternative.

Heart Problems 

Heart disease is one of the biggest killers and it’s often caused by lifestyle factors. Not eating well, smoking, and drinking too much can all cause problems with the heart. You can reverse a lot of the damage and cut your chances of getting heart disease if you change those lifestyle choices. However, you’re not going to know if you’re at risk unless you see cardiovascular specialists and get your heart checked out. The longer you leave it before you get checked, the more damage you’re going to do to your heart so don’t put it off anymore.

Body Mass Index 

Keeping an eye on your weight is always important but people often don’t realize that they’ve got a problem. You can be overweight and at risk even if you don’t look particularly large. Being overweight causes all sorts of health issues ranging from diabetes to heart disease so it’s essential that you know whether you’re a healthy weight or not. Your body mass index will give you a better idea of your weight and any potential health problems that it might cause. Go to the doctor and ask them to weigh you and give you a figure for your body mass index. They’ll be able to tell you then whether you’re at risk of any serious health problems due to your weight.

Dental Checkups 

Dental checkups get forgotten more than any other health checkup because people simply don’t think that it’s as important. While it’s true that you’re not going to get any life threatening health issues if you skip out on visits to the dentist, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother. Tooth decay is still incredibly painful and if it gets too bad, you’ll have to have teeth removed. That’s going to be a lot more expensive than getting a simple checkup so you’re best to be safe.

Going to the doctor is never fun but if you want to avoid developing any serious health problems, you need to get these checkups on a regular basis.

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In Breaking Habits How To Get Rid Of Bad Habits Saving Money Vanquish Bad Habits

How to Vanquish your Bad Habits Once and For All

If you have some bad habits then you will know how frustrating they can be. After all, you may feel as though nothing you do works and you may not even be aware of your habits when you are doing them as well. If you want to get around this then there are things that you can do to empower yourself. If you want to find out more about this then take a look below.

Fine Yourself

Making a bad habit even more painful may help you to ditch it once and for all. Money is a fantastic motivator, so set an amount and fine yourself for it. This is a fantastic way for you to stop your habit from getting even worse and you can really put your money towards something worthwhile as well. You could use it to go out with your friends at the end of the week or you could even use it to treat yourself as well so do keep this in mind.

Collaborative Content

It does help to understand why you make the decisions you do. You will probably repeat bad habits time and time again without even realizing it, but it helps to understand your triggers so that you can be more aware of how they affect you. Depending on the habit that you have, it may be that you are triggering your habits by hanging around certain people. If you have an alcohol or drug problem then this is much more serious than a bad habit so it may be worth going to a drug rehab centre. Either way, by understanding your triggers you can then start to avoid them and this can make all the difference to your future.
Go Slow
Forming new and better habits will take a lot of time and effort. Breaking bad habits is even harder as well, so instead of making dramatic adjustments, try and focus on making smaller steps. If you want to diet or if you want to eat better for example then try and eliminate sugar from your diet or even stop adding cream to your coffee. When you have mastered this and when you no longer crave that, then you can then go on to make the other changes you need in your life. This can make all the difference to how successful your habit breaking tactics are and it can really change your outlook as well.
African Boy

Think About It
You might want to kick your bad habits once and for all and you may want to do it right now as well, but it is important to know that habits take time. Before you commit to breaking a habit, consider taking a month or two to think about it. This will help you to get in the best frame of mind and it will also help you to be more proactive about the way that you want to break that habit as well. On top of this, it will also help you to make sure that you are fully motivated to beat it for good.

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Bold Makeup Look Inspired From Pinterest

Pinterest Inspired

It's been so fun for me recently doing live makeup on Facebook. Friday night my sister and I did a makeover together while chit chatting about things. She went with a cute eyeshadow look I picked out for her and I chose a look for myself and we went with it. I find it really exciting to go look for eyeshadow inspirations from Pinterest lately. I mean they have some many talented women in makeup from natural makeup looks to bold and bright!. I'm starting to like those bright colors I normally do not wear. Being 43 I was kinda skeptic in wearing those bold colors, but the after look showed me different. It made me look younger I must say, which makes me want to do more pretty looks.

So I chose a easy look that I tried to come close to matching. Even though my shadow palette was a much bolder palette. I followed the picture tutorial as shown and finished my look with some Purple lipgloss lipstick.

Makeup By Mia
Pinterest Photo Credits Makeup By Mia

Thanks for tuning in until the next post! :)

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In Anxiety Beat Anxiety De- Stress

You Can Beat Anxiety Forever


Collaborative Content

We all feel anxiety at some time or another, but for some people, it is a way of life. You need to recognize the signs before you can try to cope with it though.  These can include a racing heart, light-headedness, headaches, upset stomachs and panic attacks. The symptoms are not the same for everyone, but if you are stressed, any of them can start to appear. Once you have realized that it is anxiety that is causing these problems, then you need to look at ways of reducing it.

You Are Not Alone

One of the worst parts about feel anxious is that it can make you feel so alone and that no one else understands what you are going through. Talking with a friend, relative or someone else you feel you can trust can be helpful. There are also professional counselors, online forums and support groups you can join. In the US, more than 40 million adults suffer from anxiety and that equates to over 18% of the population.

You are not alone by any means. Once you have recognized the problem, there is a lot of help for you. The condition is treatable, and some physicians prescribe the anxiety drug Gabapentin, which you can find more info about here, to aid more restful sleep and to calm the nerves in the daytime to kick-start recovery. There are other anxiety drugs available but the advantage of this one is it has very few side effects. It is also used to treat Restless Legs Syndrome and for seizures.

Take A Breather


If you start to feel anxious, find somewhere to sit for 5 minutes and do a few breathing exercises. Breathe in deeply through your nose, and exhale through your mouth. The extra influx of air helps to calm your nerves, and you will feel better for taking a breather.

Doing a few breathing exercises when you first get up in the morning can help to start the day with less stress, and doing them just before you go to bed can aid a better nights sleep. A better night’s sleep will help you feel better all-round.

Write It Down

This is an old way of helping that goes back many years, and it works. Write down exactly how you are feeling, or what is causing you to feel so anxious. It could be that it only takes a few sentences, or there could be pages needed to get everything out. But that is what it does. All the things going round in your mind you are getting out onto paper, without any judgments or opinions, just you and your pen.

Bereavement counselors commonly use this as a way of helping the bereaved dealing with the issues of losing someone, particularly for the stages of complete loss and anger.



When you are not feeling 100%, the thought of exercising can be daunting. It does not need to be much, just start off with a short walk each day or something else you enjoy.  A healthy body tends to lead to a healthier mind, and exercise can assist you to achieve that.

Yoga And Mindfulness

Yoga and mindfulness, which you can learn here, can help you to relax and deal with the everyday stresses of life. Of course, there are classes you can attend or download one of the many free apps onto your phone. Practising things such as these can help you to sleep better and manage the symptoms of anxiety.

The Future Is Brighter

Brighter Furture

One of the things you must realize is that you will not feel this way forever. Anxiety and stress tend to happen periodically, and you will learn the warning signs and deal with it before it gets too bad.

No one can promise you that it will never happen again, but having experienced it once, you will find that coping with it a second time is much easier as you will know what to expect.

Make The Tasks Smaller

If you have any big tasks to deal with, break them down into smaller chunks. 3 or 4 less sizable tasks will cause you less stress than one big one, and you will feel a sense of achievement each time you complete one.

Think Of A Bucket


Just for a few moments, think of your mind as a bucket of water. Every little stress in your life gets thrown into that bucket. It could be driving to work in the rush hour, a dental appointment or maybe just what to cook for your evening meal. As the stresses build the bucket will overflow and that is when you will start to feel anxiety.

If that bucket had a series of holes half way up, every time a stress was thrown in there some water would leak out. The water would never reach the top and never overflow. You need to have such things in your life that will let you deal with the stress, without your mind overflowing.

This does not need to be anything complicated. Listen to your favorite music on the way to work.  Remember that the dental appointment will be over in just a few minutes, and why not plan your week’s meals ahead of time. These are only little things, but quite often it is a build up of these that cause feelings of anxiety to start.

Most of us know someone that will lose their temper at the slightest silly little thing, but with a major disaster, they are a brick. This is what anxiety is like, it is the silly little things that often cause it, and it is those that you need to find ways of coping with.

Get Enough Sleep

Get Enough Sleep

A lack of sleep is a common cause of stress and anxiety. A tired mind cannot function properly, and you need at least 7 to 8 hours sleep every night to help keep anxiety at bay. 

Recognize What Is Happening

As soon as you start to notice your anxiety signs materializing, put your coping mechanisms into place. The earlier you start fighting back, the quicker the anxiety will disappear, and you will be able to get on with your life.

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In Health Plastic Surgeon Plastic Surgery Questions Pre-Plan Surgery

Questions to Ask Before Having Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is popular with all types of people these days, but this is not the type of decision which you should enter into lightly.

Plastic Surgery

Collaborative Content

After all, there are all sorts of potential ramifications involved in making a decision such as this one, and you need to make sure that you have thought through all the consequences before you consult with a plastic surgeon. So, to help you out in this area, here are just a few of the top questions which you need to ask yourself before entering into a decision like this.

What Does the Procedure Entail?

Just because you know what the procedure is, it doesn’t mean that you know exactly what you will be going through. So, you should read into more detail about what is going to happen, what the expected results are going to be, and some of the consequences which could arise as a result of this surgery. After all, there are always going to be risks involved, and it helps if you know exactly what they are before embarking down this particular path. If you are currently in the consultation phase, you can ask the questions directly to the medical professional to get the kind of answers which you are looking for.

What Are You Hoping to Gain?

People tend to approach plastic surgery with the aim of gaining something, so you should be honest with yourself about exactly what this is. Perhaps you are looking for an improvement in your self-esteem. Maybe it is the relief of the anxiety which a particular body part has always caused you. But as well as what you can gain, you should also think about the limitations of the procedure. After all, confidence and self-esteem come from other sources as well as what is on the outside.

What is the Cost?

Undergoing any type of cosmetic treatment tends to be quite expensive, so you need to ensure that you have properly budgeted for it. Maybe you have set up your own savings account to pay for the surgery. Perhaps there are other areas of your life which you will have to make cutbacks on in order to achieve the results that you are after. There is no point in having any procedures unless you are certain that they are not going to plunge you into any sort of financial difficulties.

Have You Thought About Recovery Time?

Recovery Time

After you have had the surgery, it may be the case that you need days or weeks to recover. So, you need to take this into account when it comes to going down this particular path. Ultimately, your best course of action is to do plenty of pre-planning which will account for any after-effects on the procedures which you have chosen to have.

Only you can decide whether plastic surgery is the path for you, and these are just a few of the questions which will help you in your decision-making process.  

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In Confidence Confident In The Workplace Networking At Work Plastic Surgeon

Becoming Miss Confident At Work

Confident Workplace

There is no denying that confidence is a critical degree in any workplace. It does not matter whether you work at an accountancy firm or a coffee shop, it is important to feel confident so that you can achieve your full potential. However, this can often be easier said than done, especially if you are not a confident person in general. With that in mind, read on to discover how to become Miss Confident at work.

Deal with your confidence in general - The first thing you need to do is work on your confidence levels overall. A lot of people have certain things that make them lack confidence. This could be the fact that they feel awkward in social situations or that they don’t like parts of their appearance. Therefore, you need to take steps that will make you feel good about yourself in general. This could be anything from changing your makeup to having a consultation with a plastic surgeon. It is all about figuring out what is right for you and what is going to make you feel better. If you do this, this will help you to flourish in other areas of your life, including your work.

Learn the magic word - You may be wondering what the magic word is, and it is a really easy one - no! Are you someone that finds yourself always agreeing to do things, even when you would rather not or you do not have the time to do so? If so, you need to learn how to say no! No is a powerful world, and it will help you to feel more confident because you will feel more self-assured and more in control of your work life.

Risk more rejection - You are probably reading this and thinking it will never help your confidence. However, once you start risking rejection, it sets you on a path to greatness. This is because you will realise that there is no harm in having your ideas pushed back. Sometimes people won’t like them. But in some cases, it could take your career to the next level. Once you start expressing your ideas without fear, you will truly flourish.

Expand your circle - Finally, there are so many different ways you can expand your circle. This includes networking online and attending local events. You should also look to connect with individuals that are outside of your social and professional circle that have the influence, insight, and networks you don’t. You know what they say - there is power in numbers!

As you can see, there are a number of different things that you can do so that you can become more confident in the workplace. Yes, it will require some effort on your behalf. Yes, it can be scary. Nevertheless, if you follow all of the advice that has been presented above, you will be able to flourish and achieve your true potential.

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In City Girl Styles Fashion For Summer Summer In The City Summer Styles

Summer Style For City Girls

Summer Style

Sex and The City is one of my favorite shows. Full of fashion, fun, love and you know what else the big S. I just love all these women, because they have their own fashion sense and I just love it. Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Charlotte York and Miranda Hobbes don't you just love them? I know I do. Well I put together an inspiration in outfits that I love to fit their personalities. It was so fun to do this and just had to blog about it, this style are Summer worthy for going out on the town with your girls. I hope you ladies enjoy and want to know do you still watch the show?

Carrie Bradshaw inspiration outfit

 Carrie is quite the sassy on of the group Book writer/ Fashionista. She has her own unique style and boy does she love her heels! Add a cute tank top, tulle mini skirt, and fabulous Floral high heels for those hot Summer night on the town

Samantha Jones inspiration outfit

Samantha is the public relation worker with a high sex drive  that has the biggest confidence. You gotta love her personality! She love her sexy dresses, Which show off her perfect figure. Pair with some cute accessories and of course sexy high heels to catch the guy of your eye.
Charlotte York inspiration outfit

Oh! sweet sweet Charlotte! Do we just love her personality? She's the conservative one of the group, loves love. When she was single she was always looking for her knight and shinning Armor. She loves her cute, but expensive dresses. Add some cute heels with a belted dress for a conservative look with your girls.

Miranda Hobbes inspiration outfit
 Miranda The lawyer workaholic. Always speaks her mind, fiery Red head that gives the right advice to her friends. Even though she's into business suits, she also sticks to a classy style when going out with her girls. She loves elegant dresses, a nice handbag and statement jewelry for her outfits

I hope I came close to their personal styles on Sex and The City:)

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In How To Reduce Stress Positivty Relaxation Technques Relaxation Tips

Ohhhhmmmmm! Relaxation Techniques To Reduce Stress

Wellness Massage

Collaborative Content
There is something to be said for stress. No matter where you are in life, there is always something that is going to stress you out and the thing with stress is that you don’t just feel it in your mind. Mental health does suffer when you’re feeling stressed, but you also feel it in your heart and more commonly, your entire body. Stress manifests physically when it takes over, and while you may not necessarily need a full on spa weekend or yoga retreat to calm you down and make your muscles stop hurting, you do need to start thinking about all the ways that you can destress and feel better within yourself.

With that in mind, what tactics can you employ to feel a lot more relaxed and less stressed? Below, you’ll find some of the best stress busters around:

Meditation. Believe it or not, sitting, breathing and focusing on the quiet can do so much for your body as well as your mind. When you’re stressed, you tense your body, slump your shoulders and it can affect you both muscularly as well as in your organs. Your heart speeds up, your bowels slow down and become sluggish and your blood pressure can spike. It’s not easy to handle the physical side of stress but meditating regularly can help to reverse those effects and slow you down.
Break. Taking a proper break out of your life for a day or so to somewhere like Solace Wellness Center & Medspa can give you pause to really think about yourself. Self-care isn’t just important, it’s vital to change how stressed you feel. Taking a few moments to focus on looking after yourself is going to help your body to feel less stressed and happier. Money well spent!
Decompress. The pain you feel in your muscles is a result of tension. Using heat pads and going for a hot stone massage can make a huge difference in how you feel. Keep hot water bottles to help your bowels to unclench and allow you to be regular again; believe us, it’s important.
Dance. Crank up the music as loud as possible and dance madly. There’s nothing wrong with bursting a little adrenaline out of your system, and a dance party can do that while making you feel good at the same time. You’ll not be able to stop laughing when you do it, and you’ll release some of the stress you’ve been clinging onto.

Write. A journal for your thoughts can be the outlet you never knew you needed. Think about using a bullet journal – this guide can help you with setting one up.

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Stress is an inevitable part of adulthood. It’s just unfortunate that you don’t know about it until you get there! Instead of spending time worrying about how stressed you are, think about how you can change it and work toward a more relaxed, happy and excited future. Let go of the tension and embrace a smile.

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