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In Men's Fashion Men's Fashion 2017 Styles For Men 2017

Ten Most Popular Men's Fashion Styles In 2017

10 most popular men's fashion

Fashion has become part of human life in the world today. There are several magnificent fashion styles being developed every day. However, there are few fashion styles for men that are popular throughout the world. A unique fashion style is always inspirational. In addition, fashion styles are an embodiment of innovative, creative and personal show of style. The new men's fashion styles have witnessed a fusion of the traditional fashion styles with the modern ones producing a magnificent look. The market is flooded with different fashion styles for men. This makes it hard to choose the best among the many in the market. This article on the most popular fashion styles for men will help guide you to select the best trendy styles for your wardrobe.

10. Beige Blazers

Beige blazers are the most sought after neutrals suits in the market today. This is no surprise as the neutral suits have become trendy and appealing to most people. The simplistic nature of this style is amazing. They are compatible with the pastel colors suitable for the modern silhouette and slim crocheted ties can be introduced. This fashion style is simple and one of the most popular on the streets across the world. You need to try out this fashion style today for wonderful looks.

Beige Blazers

9. Bandanas

This is one of the easiest fashion styles any man should try out. It is brilliant and incredibly boyish. A bandana is all that you need and its cost is relatively low. Neckerchiefs help add more color and help ensure a wonderful boost to the simple silhouettes bringing colors to your wardrobe for those unwilling to try out bright shades. Bandana with the monochrome pattern, cobalt blue, and cherry red are most suitable for any occasion and make sure that the knots are very neat.


8. White Out

This is an all-white style from head to toe which is a very bold fashion style for men. It is trendy and most of those who love this fashion style go for elaborate silhouettes whereas there are simple ways to rock this fashion style. From simple white jeans and white t-shirt to a more complex combination of clothes, this style accommodates all It will be necessary for you to also put on the dark glasses to bring more flavor to this style.

White Out

7. Nautical Stripes

This is one of the most recent fashion styles of alluded stripes with stylish recurring colors. Casual looks are provided by the thinner stripes while you can go bold with relatively thicker stripes on a jacket or a t-shirt. Stripes can also be used on the sweater or cardigan and paired with dark sunglasses for wonderful looks.

Nautical Stripes

6. Fedoras

This style has become popular on the streets due to their being stylish and practical. They are available in a wide range of colors however, classical versions are more versatile. Beiges are the biggest complement or dark colors too can work out a trick. It is suitable to try out this fashion style during winters or summers. This style has influenced the conventional street styles making it one of the most famous in the world.


5. Seventies Revival

This perfect fashion style helps illicit memories of the nineteen seventies. The color palette is rich and rich Bordeaux and rusty brown colors help bring out the looks that are out of this world. It is also important to find those outfits that pay glowing tribute to seventies even as you complement the colors and features. It is not suitable to use seventies revival fashion style with the bell-bottoms. It is also great with the button downs that are loosely fitting in amber orange or gloomy tans. It is also suitable to use with the velvet and the suede clothing.

Seventies Revival

4. Childhood Memories

This is a playful trendy fashion style that has slowly emerged to be one of the most popular in the world. It is important to complement this with the boyish accessories in order to make it appealing for any day. It has a childhood style embedded on the jackets, baseball caps and jackets. he childhoods memories fashion design help bring out unmatched youthful imagery. The astronauts, zoo animals, surfboards and the space crafts are the images that are associated with the younger years. You can complement this fashion design with the knitted socks, youthful prints and baseball caps.

 Childhood Memories

3. Monochrome Prints

This is an excellent fashion style that helps bring back the childhood memories. You can still integrate black and white in other conservative patterns such as the ginghams and stripes. This produces classic looks while remaining stylish as ever. It is basic and can still combine a wide range of colors. It is usually available in traditional black and white colors. You will rock the streets with this amazing fashion that beats many.

Monochrome Prints

2. Light Wash Denim

Light Wash Denim

Light blue color has for a long time been preferred in the streets all over the world. The powder blue style enhanced with flavored denim has become everybody's choice. The denim jackets which are light blue are common with men and are available in different designs suitable for your various tastes. They are suitable for casual wear and the baggy denim jackets are a superb compliment for the stripped sweaters and white t-shirts.

1. Pajama Inspired Pieces

Pajama Inspired Pieces

A pair of pajamas has become an essential component in every man's wardrobe. This trend has witnessed unrivaled demand for this fashion style. It is arguably the best fashion style for men in the world today. This can be complemented with the chambray shirt that is loose fitting. Light blue shirt and the striped linen shirt provide a simple and stylish fashion design. This is an amazing way to link our daily wears to the sleepwear. The warm beige paired with the baby blue is the most prominent style of this fashion. Furthermore, plaid pieces and stripped tones are also common in the pajama-inspired pieces fashion style.

There are several fashion styles in the world today. However, the above-discussed styles for men are the world's most famous today. You need to try out any of these fashion styles in order to realize excellent looks.

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In fashion Free clothing Garage Sale Outfits Used Clothing

Used Oufits + Fashion Recap + Cousin Fashion

Fashion Recap

Last week was so fun with my mother in law, a few days before she asked me if I wanted to go to the church up the street from her. She told me they were giving away clothes for free, more like a free garage sale. Anyway I immediately said yes because I needed something different to wear. That Saturday, we woke up around 7am and headed for the church. I tell you there was a pretty good amount of people waiting in line. After about a few minutes we were welcomed inside.

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In Fashion For Men JackOneillShorts Men fashion MenCityShortsFashion Summer Fashion Men

What's Poppin This Summer In Men's Shorts Fashion ( Remembering 2017 Summer Fashion For Men)

men fashion

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In Fall Fashion For Men Hot Trends For Men Men's Fashion

Hot Trends in Men's Fashion This Fall

Mens Fashion

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In fashion Palazzo Pants women clothing women pants

That fancy chic in palazzo pants has a million dollar look!!!

Undoubtedly, the fashion that nailed the ramps in the early 18th century has created its own pathway till this day. The woman with a fascinating imagination now sharply notices the latest ins and outs of the fashion world. One such vintage yet galvanised attire is in front of you: Palazzos.

Palazzo pants for women initially became a famous trend in late 1960 and early 1970s, but kept gaining popularity because of their stylish outlook. These long trousers are designed with extremely wide and loose leg flaring out from the waist. These flared pants with a fitted waist are actually a reminiscent of cuffed and wide-legged pants or trousers that are worn by most women in the 40’s.

Heavier and wider from the waist down, offering a complete distinct look.
Generally, tall girls feel quite confident when they slide into palazzo pants, but the ones who are petite need not to be disheartened. Styling has no limit and a few secret codes will make you shine brighter in palazzos when well matched with the tops and yeah! Your high heels. In many countries now, there is a trend of wearing loose bottoms with a broader waist so as to attain a complete distinct look from others. Every summer season is a big hit with the palazzo pants that are very flowy, wide and open below the hip-line. They not only make you look slimmer, but also offer a vision of elongated legs that are very flattering. Every woman knows well (and those who don’t, must know) that classy attires are crafted to suit anyone and anywhere. Feel immense pleasure when you are gifting this outfit to one of your lovely friends.
*** Steal His Attention ***
!!! Look Taller and Sexier !!!
--- Be A Playful Personality ---
There are a vast variety of flowing pants that are easy to wear with almost no weight at all to carry. No matter where you have to go, a royal party, a casual occasion, a formal meeting or on a day out; this dress will never leave your hand. So a few styles are mentioned that will immediately enhance your personality leaving everyone stunned.

While leaving for work, don’t leave the grace behind!
Workaholic women should always chase the footprints of fashionable palazzos at work as it has re-defined the whole trend in the market and has charged up the women even more to chase such  classy outfits. However, not all the dresses are meant to carry to the boardroom, but a few well styled bottom pants with an elegant shirt that is tucked in looks unique. During the lunches with your colleagues, it can bring your style statement into notice.

On a cold winter day, don’t lock this classic pair of pants in your wardrobe, instead come out with a  blazer with buttons fastened around your waist. You can definitely fine ways of wearing Palazzo pants in India during the winters by by pairing them up with a cashmere and short jackets. Style has definitely no bar and loose bottoms may suit your personality well.  

So, when you can frame yourself giving a taller look then why not wear it today. And, team your outfit or I must now say “palazzos” with pumps or block heels to fetch appreciative words from the ones gazing at your style statement.

palazzo pants

Paint the town red with a charismatic printed attire!
Segregating your daily essentials to match with the right proportions of your body is a must. When you opt a printed palazzo pants with an off-shoulder top or a casual shirt, then surely you possess an impeccable style. You simply need to team minimal jewellery to leave an everlasting impression on the onlookers. Be the talk of the town, Include zest to your look wearing a fashionable pair of Palazzo pants in India.

This is not all, the big floral  printed pants or checked ones have an unmatched elegance that simply can’t be beaten with your pair of denims. While you’ll be putting on your cool, comfy top with these pants, wear a high waist, broad belt to look as if a fashion diva does. For more styles you can always browse through various online sites like StalkBuyLove for palazzo pants in India and buy one that fits your body shape or your personlity well. Besides all this, wear a hat with a vintage long neckpiece over this dress to look more elegant.

palazzo pants

You must have seen many fashion models wearing palazzo pants and walking confidently on the ramp. In fact, the Bollywood Celebs: Sonakshi Sinha, Alia Bhatt, Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone, Mallaika Arora Khan, and many more have literally dressed to kill the show in palazzos with their dynamic personalities and outlook.
palazzo pants

 Short crop tops bring out the feminism at a greater pace!
Wide legged palazzo pants in India have a lot to say, when they are neatly paired with a crop top owing lace detailing at the yoke. Undoubtedly, it will nullify the loose outlook of the bottoms with a slim fit upper yet, an intriguing thought of revealing the midriff will set a benchmark for others to chase. Also, if you go for a high-waist palazzos, a chunky belt will conceal the flaws then.

Pick up your favourite handbag with this outfit to walk on the red carpet with fun and glamour. You’re no less a fashion diva now.

For a dinner date, select trendy and pocket friendly bottom wears by browsing the site of StalkBuyLove with an open heart and feel overwhelmed by looking at the gorgeous collection of trendy, royal, classy, printed, plain, solid hued, striped and floral palazzos. You can even acquire a boho-chic look for a fashion event or a casual occasion with a sensuous crop top or a one-shoulder off top to set the moment on fire.

However, you should never forget to opt the right accessories with your sophisticated or trendy dresses. Likewise, with the loosened palazzo pants carry your clutch in one hand with the beloved’s in the other, making everyone else envious of your look.
So you see, showing a part of your belly can add a whimsical feel to your personality and of course,such loose bottom wears are well crafted at all the ends to wrap your figure and thighs in an easy manner.

palazzo pants

From solid hues with bold patterns to striped bottoms, rage has always hit the wardrobe collections!
A complete makeover at affordable prices is now quite easy, with many online fashion sites like Stalkbuylove offering unbelievable offers and discounts on Palazzo pants in India. Women now have gone really far in the fashion world yet, sending a few tips for you too.

Palazzos really look inspirational, setting a trend at the social gatherings. Take an androgynous take on palazzos pants in India by teaming them with a long ethnic wear kurta with side slits and be the one to leave a sartorial message for the season.

Such pair of pants with loose hem line attracts everyone and brings you in the lime light. Solid or monochromatic pants are best suited for spring and summer season. Wearing dark tones from top to toe add the look of a jumpsuit which is highly appealing. The flairs starting from the waist add a glimpse of the early centuries when many fashion icons exhibited a feminine and comfy fit to make legs appear lean and long. It can be difficult pinpointing the exact silhouette that works best for you so, choose wisely to transform your looks completely.

Exuberant style is an aim that every fashion diva wants to achieve, your favourite models walking in jaw dropping clothes is an inspiration to try something new. Nowadays, palazzo pants show a streamlined figure with a magnificent charm of the single shade. Even if you wear a blazer on the top, then pick up a retro-styled one that has a solid pattern in contrast with the flowy bottoms. This outlook will completely mesmerise the youth when you will pair it with your formal booties or thong sandals.

Belts are another feature that not only highlight your curvaceous figure, but also brings the whole ensemble in focus. Several celebrities adopt this outfit for their airport visits where the media captures the sophisticated and casual looks. When worn with heels, these extremely stylish pair of palazzo pants will completely transform your looks. Everyone should own a pair without any doubt.

palazzo pants

The world of fashion is so big that every day something new is added and the rest is subtracted, but comfortable wearing have never lost their meaning. Getting motivated with vogue is the need of the hour now. Go benevolent attaining a chic look with statement jewellery to balance out the volume of unique loose palazzo pants in India. Professional outfits aren't that hard to choose because we are now bringing in more fashionable palazzos which just do not look like pyjamas. Step in with grace, look effortlessly amazing in a completely new attire.

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In Ethical Fashion Fair Trade Clothing Fashion Sense Recycle Fashion Repair Your Fashion

An Ethical Fashion Sense Needn't Cost The World

Ethical Fashion

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In fashion Fashion 40 Plus getthelook My Style ootd Plussizefashion plus size clothing plus size clothing guide RainbowStyle ssCollective Summer Fashion summerstyle wearitloveit

A Plus Fashion Summer

Summer Fashion

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In sexy dresses womens Tops Yoins Yoins Trendy Fashions For Women

Yoins Trendy Fashions For Women

Yoins Trendy Fashions For Women

Yoins Trendy Fashions For Women

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own

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In fashion Fashion for women Winter Boots For women Winter Fashion

Fashion For The Cold Weather

Winter Fashion

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In Asian wig beauty makeup makeup makeover video

(Asian Wig Review) And Asian Eye Makeup Video

Good morning beauty and fashion lovers, Today I'm feeling great! You want to know why? Because it's Friday, I feel so inspired and want to share with you my video and my review I did on my fabulous Asian wig from Amazon. If you ever shopped Amazon you know that there are great deals and so many fashion bloggers have their own personal stores and share what they have bought.

As some of my regulars know that I love wigs and  extensions, so I went to shop online and found this pretty Asian wig from SuperWigy and fell in love my wig. I've always been very  interested in Asians, their skin, their eyes and fashion sense. Even though the wig is very cheap, it serves the purpose, the appearance, the length and the flow of the hair pleased me so much. The only thing I do not like is that the cap of the wig is small but hey! It still fit great, all I added was a little baby oil for shine, overall I'm very pleased with it and will be wearing it when I'm out on the town.

Check out my video as I show you the look of the wig and then go right into an eyeshadow makeover to get Asian eyes with just simple makeup look

1. Black and White eye shadow

2. Black eye liner

3. Mascara

4. Eyeshadow as lipstick and gloss

Check out my video and please subscribe, I plan on getting better at video                                             taping myself  and doing  more in the future.

Hot Sale 25" Long Fashion Girl's Curly Highlights Hair Party Wig 3 Colors +Wig Cap (Black)

long fashion asian wig
Photo Credits SuperWigy

asian wig

asian fashion wig

Thank you for stopping by and reading my post, Have a great weekend!

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In fashion Fashion Boost for moms Healthy Lifestyle

Top 6 Ways Busy Moms Can Live A Healthy Lifestyle And Give Their Fashion A Boost

Top 6 Ways Busy Moms Can Live A Healthy Lifestyle And Give Their Fashion A Boost

This blog post is a contribution from a guest 

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In earrings East to wear jewelry Everyday Jewelry Jewelry Wear Rings

Easy to Wear Jewelry For Everyday


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In Fall fashion Plastic Surgeon Self Esteem Guide Transform Your Look

5 Ways to Completely Transform Your Look

You can probably categorize your friends in terms of how they look, and this is possible due to their preferences. Perhaps some of your friends dislike using makeup all the time, or perhaps some of them use it a little too much for your personal tastes. Maybe one of your friends can rock multi-coloured eyeshadows without looking silly, or perhaps someone you know absolutely loves high-end fashion.

The choices we make regarding our appearance often define who we are. Our choice of clothing usually depends on our frugality (or lack of it) and the way we put on makeup and do our hair can change depending on our circumstances.

But since our appearance is so closely tied to our lifestyles, can we make a complete transformation to our look?


Transform Your Look
Collaborative Content

1. Focus on your self-esteem

Your self-esteem typically stems from how confident you are in your body and your appearance. Many people find themselves pressured by society, being forced to conform to certain dress standards depending on their neighbourhood, their workplace or other factors. If your self-esteem is being harmed, then try adding your own rebellious tones to your appearance and outfit. For instance, do away with boring single-tone shirts and wear what makes you happy. Be it bright and colourful patterns or a logo of your favourite television show, wear what makes you feel great and boosts your self-esteem.

2. Change your attitude

Attitude and personality have more to say than just your clothes. Wearing street fashion doesn’t suddenly make you “street”, and wearing a suit doesn’t mean you’re going to be invited to a fancy dinner with your boss. The clothes you wear only tell part of the story, so focus on changing your attitude if you really want to transform your look and how people perceive you.

3. Consider more drastic measures

There are plenty of ways to completely change your appearance, but it depends on how far you’re willing to go. Some women are more than happy to look for a plastic surgeon to help them transform their bodies, and some are fine with small non-invasive cosmetic procedures to change small parts of their face. If you’re serious about transforming your look, then this is a viable option.

4. Find fashion that you personally love

Don’t just wear brands that you see everyone else wearing. Instead, find your own style by looking for inspiration in fashion magazines, style bloggers or even social media. Find what you personally love in fashion and change out your wardrobe so you have new clothes to wear that fit your personality instead of trying to fit in and copy others around you.

5. Colours are everything

Colour can say a lot about someone’s appearance. If you’re used to neutral colours that blend in and are inoffensive, then consider a bright and colourful change. For instance, consider changing your hair colour and adding different tones, or think about the type of makeup you use and the clothes you wear. Colours can completely transform someone’s appearance, so make good use of it!

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In Blog Linkup fashion Fashion Foward Fashion Skirt Linkup Old Fashion skirt Slow Fashion Used Fashion

Slow Fashion Transitioned Skirt Outfit + Linkup

Slow Fashion

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In Classy Fashion clutch bag. Fashion For Older Women Fashion Taste high heels platform heels Sassy Fashion

Don't Let Age Hinder Your Fashion Taste

Carrie Bradshaw
Carrie is a shoesaholic! The girl has to have her heels. She has very expensive taste and I love her choices
I don't know about you, but I love that show "Sex And The City"1 and 2. Surely some of you ladies can relate to some of the women in the show. The one with the most fashion sense is Carrie Bradshaw, even though she is a book writer, she carries herself in a playful, youthful way even though she is in her 40's. I'm sorta, kinda her in certain aspects. Sometimes I love dressing a little edgy and sassy to show off my youthful side. My post on the "Kill'in It Graphic Dress Here.

I love that she mixes up her clothing patterns and oh! How sexy her heels are. Who says you have to dress 40ish just because you are 40ish? Why grow old with your age when you can live life to the fullest? I'm not saying go dress super super young with hootchy mama shorts lol! But put on a style just right for you with a little youthful feel. I've put together this collection on some of the characters in the show and I think I got their fashion just right, a young feel with some sass, elegance and sexy appeal.

Miranda Hobs aka Mom/Lawyer
Even though is a workaholic the girl can throw down in fashion when she's with her girls

She clutches with her outfits
Chole Clutch Black Cheveron

Samantha the business woman and sexual one! She's stylish and over the top personality.

Stylish Trina

I'm 42 years old and still feel like that 17 year old girl at times, especially when I have something fab to show off to you guys. I love my makeup and the cute clothing I wear and my hair do's, Oh yes! I love feeling young and will continue to be me no matter what others say about me. Dress it up girl! Even if you're a mother, lawyer, or a book writer. Don't let age determine your outer and inner self.

Here are ways that keep me young

1. Laugh! Laughter is a great medicine to keep you looking and feeling young. I love acting goofy and making my spouse and family laugh also

2. Be spontaneous, Get up and go on an adventure even though it's not out of town, Go on a fun date with your spouse. I do this often and the rush I get is so fun.

3. Dance, dancing is great! Hell, I love listening to rock music and some metal. Bob your head, swing your hips and watch how fun and exciting it is.

4. Socialize with friends, Go out and have a drink with your girlfriends. I go out with my favorite cousin and we talk about our younger days and all the crazy stuff we did in our teens.

5. Fashion, girl! Buy that outfit you always wanted to buy with that spiky belt and spiky heels lol! Getting that daring outfit you always wanted to wear is exhilarating!

 Those are the ways that make me feel young and alive. If this post doesn't make sense to you, it makes sense to me lol! Have a great Thursday :)

Check out this article on "Ways To Look Younger And Feel Great"

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Top of the World Style linkup

Hi everyone, I'm hoping you are having a fabulous Thursday and getting ready for the holiday's. Today I'm Co-Hosting for Top Of The World Style, you guys come on and party with us and share your lovely outfits and style. Any age and gender are encouraged to share, with that being said happy sharing!:)

Nicole Mölders is married, has one cat, no kids. She is a fashion, and science enthusiast from Fairbanks, Alaska and the blogger of High Latitude Style – an Alaska fashion blog with science bits for the stylish 40+ woman. She shares how to dress stylishly on trend and shows that 40+ is way too young to give up having fun with fashion (and heels). Now let's get the party going. Everyone of any age and gender is welcome to share their fashion and style posts. #linkup #fashionlinkup #over40fashion | Top of the World Style linkup party logo | High Latitude Style |
High Latitude Style

  1. Grab the above code for the banner if you like
  2. Please follow your Host via wordpress, facebook, twitter, pinterest, and your Cohost via twitter, bloglovin, google+ and/or facebook.
  3. Linkup any of your fashion/style posts by simply adding your link below
  4. Please visit your linkup-fellows' blogs, introduce yourself to them, network, and make new friends
  5. Please spread the word and invite your friends on twitter.

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In Handbags Juicy Couture steve madden

10 Leather Bucket Bags You'll Love From Amazon

From classy to every day use. Bucket bags are a fashion statement. Here is a collection from known designers such as Steve Madden and Juicy Couture at different prices.Please click the links under the bags and not the photo

Skagen - Women's Skagen Leather Bucket Bag

Skagen Women's Skagen Leather Bucket Bag ($345)

Skagen - Women's Skagen Leather Bucket Bag - $345.00, Free shipping - Available at Nordstrom

Dooney & Bourke - Women's Dooney & Bourke 'Claremont' Crossbody Bucket Bag

Dooney & Bourke Claremont Crossbody Bucket Bag ($288)

Juicy Couture - Selma Leather Collection Bucket Bag Satchel Handbags (Black)

Juicy Couture Selma Leather Collection Bucket Bag ($275)

Calvin Klein - Key Item Drawstring Bucket Bag

Calvin Klein Drawstring Bucket Bag ($188)

Calvin Klein - Key Item Drawstring Bucket Bag - $188.00, Free shipping - Available at

Floto - Ciabatta Bucket Bag, Tuscan Red, Shoulder Bag, Bucket, Leather, Detachable Shoulder Strap, B

Floto Ciabatta Bucket Bag ($189)

Talbots - Women's Leather Bucket Bag

Talbots Leather Bucket Bag ($179)

Talbots - Women's Leather Bucket Bag - $179.00, 8.00 shipping - Available at

Piel Leather - Leather Bucket Bag

Piel Leather Bucket Bag ($155)

Piel Leather - Leather Bucket Bag (Leather - Saddle)

Piel Leather Bucket Bag ($86)

Piel Leather - Leather Bucket Bag (Leather - Black)

Piel Leather Bucket Bag ($86)

Piel Leather - Leather Bucket Bag (Leather - Black) - $85.77, Free shipping - Available at

Motony - Motony Korean Style Real Leather Bucket Shoulder Bag Handbag Brown

Motony Leather Bucket Shoulder Bag ($73)

Steve Madden - Bgemmaa Bucket Shoulder Bag, Coral, One Size

Steve Madden Bucket Shoulder Bag ($53)

Tobey - Tobey 2013 Fashion Leather Nubuck Lancel Bucket Tassel Tote Hobo Shoulderbag Free Coin Bag P

Tobey Bucket Tassel Tote ($29)

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links provided by Postpresso.

On my upcoming post, my daughter will be doing my fingernails in Stiletto, come back today for this fun post:)

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