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Rainbow Shop Style And The Park

I had such a wonderful time at the park Saturday. Usually I'm just a home body and rarely like to go anywhere, but my extended family came down from Ohio to stay for a week or two. I took that time to wear my new outfit I purchased at Rainbow Shops. This is my second time buying from them online and I love how their clothing makes me feel. The cloth feels so good on my skin.

rainbowrainbow style

They have an array of beautiful clothing for Plussize women and I chose this outfit because it fits me so well. I decided to add my Blue butterfly necklace for a pop of color to bring out my Black off the shoulder top and metallic wide leg pants. Now my original outfit ideas was to pair Pink accessories to the outfit but the necklace is fine. I wore Black flats
#RainbowStyle Paired By Tipsy Heelz

QIYUN.Z Enamel Butterfly Pendant Bib Fringe Y Neck Lariat Necklace Stud Earrings Set

Butterfly Bib Necklace

Purchased Pants And Blouse From Rainbowshops

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Lands' End Women's Plus Size Supima Cotton Short Sleeve V-neck Tunic Top

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Forever21 Plus Size Flared Leggings

Saturday was so fun at the park, the wind felt so wonderful with laughter, good food and music.My husband really enjoyed himself also from a hard week from work.

at the park

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In Birthday Dress plus dresses plus size plus size clothing Rainbow Shops women clothing

My Birthday Dress From Rainbow!

birthday outfit

I had a fabulous time last night for my birthday even though I rarely celebrate it. I'm usually home around that time just watching movies. So in search of the perfect birthday dress I went to Rainbow a shopping website for women, children and of course it caters to plus size women. I got this Plus Size Cold Shoulder Mock Neck Swing Dress for a 40% off sale. The original price was $13.99 and I got it for $8.39. It comes in three colors, Burgundy, Black and Olive and sizes 1x-3x.

Now I was feeling kind of skeptic because I thought I wouldn't be able to fit it, but I kept my fingers crossed lol! When it came in and I tried it on, it fit perfect! The material is so smooth and soft to the touch, which hugs the body with warmth. The material  is 92% polyester and 8% spandex, the length is 39 inches. The length is just above my knees and I felt really comfortable in it. I added a bold flower necklace to this dress and flat shoes to match. I had went to Polyvore for an outfit idea which I wanted to pair Leopard flats with this dress, but I couldn't find any so I went to my local Walmart and found the flower necklace for $7 and flats for about $5. Everything matched perfectly!

birthday girl

I had an awesome time with my husband and a surprise from my Aunt, which is always entertaining lol!
This woman is happy to see 42!
My Birthday Outfit Idea

My Birthday Outfit Idea by tipsyheelz featuring brown boots

You can find the dress I'm wearing here

 Plus Size Cold Shoulder Mock Neck Swing Dress

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In Chic Dresses Dress for Women dresses for rent Rent The Runway Summer Dresses women clothing

Chic Dresses For Summer

Check out these cool, chic, dress for the summer. My most favorite dress is the Slate & Willow Envelope dress from Rent The Runway. Bright summery colors and you can pair with Nude high heels or even flats.

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links.

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In Sexy tops Summer Clothing T-Shirts Tops women clothing

Tops And T'S

One of the best parts of Summer is ditching those heavy coats and stripping off bulky sweaters. Now that the summer sun is out, you can “heat” things up in these “haute” T's from one of our favorite stores. Below you’ll find fun, sexy and confidence boosting styles to help make summer even more fun.

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In fashion Palazzo Pants women clothing women pants

That fancy chic in palazzo pants has a million dollar look!!!

Undoubtedly, the fashion that nailed the ramps in the early 18th century has created its own pathway till this day. The woman with a fascinating imagination now sharply notices the latest ins and outs of the fashion world. One such vintage yet galvanised attire is in front of you: Palazzos.

Palazzo pants for women initially became a famous trend in late 1960 and early 1970s, but kept gaining popularity because of their stylish outlook. These long trousers are designed with extremely wide and loose leg flaring out from the waist. These flared pants with a fitted waist are actually a reminiscent of cuffed and wide-legged pants or trousers that are worn by most women in the 40’s.

Heavier and wider from the waist down, offering a complete distinct look.
Generally, tall girls feel quite confident when they slide into palazzo pants, but the ones who are petite need not to be disheartened. Styling has no limit and a few secret codes will make you shine brighter in palazzos when well matched with the tops and yeah! Your high heels. In many countries now, there is a trend of wearing loose bottoms with a broader waist so as to attain a complete distinct look from others. Every summer season is a big hit with the palazzo pants that are very flowy, wide and open below the hip-line. They not only make you look slimmer, but also offer a vision of elongated legs that are very flattering. Every woman knows well (and those who don’t, must know) that classy attires are crafted to suit anyone and anywhere. Feel immense pleasure when you are gifting this outfit to one of your lovely friends.
*** Steal His Attention ***
!!! Look Taller and Sexier !!!
--- Be A Playful Personality ---
There are a vast variety of flowing pants that are easy to wear with almost no weight at all to carry. No matter where you have to go, a royal party, a casual occasion, a formal meeting or on a day out; this dress will never leave your hand. So a few styles are mentioned that will immediately enhance your personality leaving everyone stunned.

While leaving for work, don’t leave the grace behind!
Workaholic women should always chase the footprints of fashionable palazzos at work as it has re-defined the whole trend in the market and has charged up the women even more to chase such  classy outfits. However, not all the dresses are meant to carry to the boardroom, but a few well styled bottom pants with an elegant shirt that is tucked in looks unique. During the lunches with your colleagues, it can bring your style statement into notice.

On a cold winter day, don’t lock this classic pair of pants in your wardrobe, instead come out with a  blazer with buttons fastened around your waist. You can definitely fine ways of wearing Palazzo pants in India during the winters by by pairing them up with a cashmere and short jackets. Style has definitely no bar and loose bottoms may suit your personality well.  

So, when you can frame yourself giving a taller look then why not wear it today. And, team your outfit or I must now say “palazzos” with pumps or block heels to fetch appreciative words from the ones gazing at your style statement.

palazzo pants

Paint the town red with a charismatic printed attire!
Segregating your daily essentials to match with the right proportions of your body is a must. When you opt a printed palazzo pants with an off-shoulder top or a casual shirt, then surely you possess an impeccable style. You simply need to team minimal jewellery to leave an everlasting impression on the onlookers. Be the talk of the town, Include zest to your look wearing a fashionable pair of Palazzo pants in India.

This is not all, the big floral  printed pants or checked ones have an unmatched elegance that simply can’t be beaten with your pair of denims. While you’ll be putting on your cool, comfy top with these pants, wear a high waist, broad belt to look as if a fashion diva does. For more styles you can always browse through various online sites like StalkBuyLove for palazzo pants in India and buy one that fits your body shape or your personlity well. Besides all this, wear a hat with a vintage long neckpiece over this dress to look more elegant.

palazzo pants

You must have seen many fashion models wearing palazzo pants and walking confidently on the ramp. In fact, the Bollywood Celebs: Sonakshi Sinha, Alia Bhatt, Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone, Mallaika Arora Khan, and many more have literally dressed to kill the show in palazzos with their dynamic personalities and outlook.
palazzo pants

 Short crop tops bring out the feminism at a greater pace!
Wide legged palazzo pants in India have a lot to say, when they are neatly paired with a crop top owing lace detailing at the yoke. Undoubtedly, it will nullify the loose outlook of the bottoms with a slim fit upper yet, an intriguing thought of revealing the midriff will set a benchmark for others to chase. Also, if you go for a high-waist palazzos, a chunky belt will conceal the flaws then.

Pick up your favourite handbag with this outfit to walk on the red carpet with fun and glamour. You’re no less a fashion diva now.

For a dinner date, select trendy and pocket friendly bottom wears by browsing the site of StalkBuyLove with an open heart and feel overwhelmed by looking at the gorgeous collection of trendy, royal, classy, printed, plain, solid hued, striped and floral palazzos. You can even acquire a boho-chic look for a fashion event or a casual occasion with a sensuous crop top or a one-shoulder off top to set the moment on fire.

However, you should never forget to opt the right accessories with your sophisticated or trendy dresses. Likewise, with the loosened palazzo pants carry your clutch in one hand with the beloved’s in the other, making everyone else envious of your look.
So you see, showing a part of your belly can add a whimsical feel to your personality and of course,such loose bottom wears are well crafted at all the ends to wrap your figure and thighs in an easy manner.

palazzo pants

From solid hues with bold patterns to striped bottoms, rage has always hit the wardrobe collections!
A complete makeover at affordable prices is now quite easy, with many online fashion sites like Stalkbuylove offering unbelievable offers and discounts on Palazzo pants in India. Women now have gone really far in the fashion world yet, sending a few tips for you too.

Palazzos really look inspirational, setting a trend at the social gatherings. Take an androgynous take on palazzos pants in India by teaming them with a long ethnic wear kurta with side slits and be the one to leave a sartorial message for the season.

Such pair of pants with loose hem line attracts everyone and brings you in the lime light. Solid or monochromatic pants are best suited for spring and summer season. Wearing dark tones from top to toe add the look of a jumpsuit which is highly appealing. The flairs starting from the waist add a glimpse of the early centuries when many fashion icons exhibited a feminine and comfy fit to make legs appear lean and long. It can be difficult pinpointing the exact silhouette that works best for you so, choose wisely to transform your looks completely.

Exuberant style is an aim that every fashion diva wants to achieve, your favourite models walking in jaw dropping clothes is an inspiration to try something new. Nowadays, palazzo pants show a streamlined figure with a magnificent charm of the single shade. Even if you wear a blazer on the top, then pick up a retro-styled one that has a solid pattern in contrast with the flowy bottoms. This outlook will completely mesmerise the youth when you will pair it with your formal booties or thong sandals.

Belts are another feature that not only highlight your curvaceous figure, but also brings the whole ensemble in focus. Several celebrities adopt this outfit for their airport visits where the media captures the sophisticated and casual looks. When worn with heels, these extremely stylish pair of palazzo pants will completely transform your looks. Everyone should own a pair without any doubt.

palazzo pants

The world of fashion is so big that every day something new is added and the rest is subtracted, but comfortable wearing have never lost their meaning. Getting motivated with vogue is the need of the hour now. Go benevolent attaining a chic look with statement jewellery to balance out the volume of unique loose palazzo pants in India. Professional outfits aren't that hard to choose because we are now bringing in more fashionable palazzos which just do not look like pyjamas. Step in with grace, look effortlessly amazing in a completely new attire.

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In men clothing Tommy Hilfiger Vintage Clothing women clothing

All About Vintage Tommy Hilfiger

That V word tingles my toes too. Every time I hear it it gets me giddy with the thought of authentic fashions - something I’m extremely passionate about. Of course, I’m talking about the word Vintage clothing. Preloved clothes might not be everyone’s cup of tea but for me they are the epitome of unique style and eco-friendly fashion. Better yet, the kind of clothes I buy are not just Grandad Bob’s dusty sweater from the Salvation Army (although I do love a good charity hunt - it’s for a good cause and you often find hidden gems!), I prefer to indulge in vintage designer.

With a typical student budget, I really can’t justify blowing my loan on full price Vivienne Westwood – so I settle for the next best thing; preloved designer. I stumbled upon Messina Hembry earlier in the week, an online boutique that sells exactly that! It’s a lovely, easy to navigate website full to the rafters with luxury labels at prices even a skint student couldn’t refuse. I’m talking Ralph Lauren shirts for less than a quarter of their original price, Versace for the same price as a large bottle of vodka (you don’t need to go out EVERY night of the week, think of your liver) and Adidas for the price of a taxi fare to Uni (today, you can use your legs).

On the rise as an up and coming brand-to-watch, Messina Hembry have a store on ASOS Marketplace as well as their own site, making finding their pieces a breath of fresh air compared to the rails and shelves you would have to rummage through to maybe find a designer item in an ordinary vintage store. One of my favourite brands that they stock is American designer casual wear brand; vintage Tommy Hilfiger. The Hilfiger brand is preppy, effortlessly cool and premium quality with a desirable and globally recognised logo that would be considered a luxury to have hanging in your wardrobe. However, you don’t have to earn Victoria Beckham’s salary to dress head to toe in Tommy, here’s how:


 Men Vintage Tommy Hilfiger

As Spring is just around the corner, you want to be thinking about lightening your colour palette to pastels; colours you can continue wearing through the summer! This vintage Tommy Hilfiger lemon yellow shirt would be great for layering under a denim jacket in the cooler months, but with short sleeves it's breathable enough to wear on a sunny holiday! The jacket is one of those effortless statement pieces every fashionable fella’ should own anyway, it’s iconic and adaptable through seasons with the art of layering – pop the collar and make like Kenickie.

Women Vintage Tommy Hilfiger

Once again, pastel palettes are the key to taking your wardrobe from the deep neutrals of winter to the vibrancy of summer – but as this is England we’re not going to hold our breath for sunshine and lollipops (however rainbows are likely with all our rain), so this beautiful charcoal Mac jacket will layer perfectly over a long sleeved pink shirt. The colours compliment each other whilst looking smart enough for work and fun enough for a day out with the girls! Team the ensemble with a denim mini skirt which can be worn with opaque tights or bare legs to complete the full whammy of a designer vintage get up!

This post is Sponsored By Messina Hembry

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In Halloween costumes rent clothing style women clothing

Shockingly Stylish Halloween Costume Ideas from Rent the Runway

Want to look supernaturally spook-tacular this Halloween? Why not go with a DIY designer costume that doesn't have to be retired once Halloween is through? With Rent the Runway, you can rent designer styles and accessories to create a costume that is both creative and classy. Here are a few examples:

Chick Ninja - All you'll need is a fun jumpsuit, like Rent the Runway's Tibi Kora Jumpsuit, a black ninja mask, and a faux Japanese sword.

Vampiress - Slip on a seductive black dress, such as the Blumarine Criss Cross Dress from Rent the Runway, add fun jewelry, like a gaudy garnet ring, a pair of sexy high-heel black or lace booties, add some red makeup to the corners of your mouth, and you'll be sure to stun on All Hallow's Eve. 

Optical Illusion - This fun look is super easy to put together. Rent the RVN Luthor Top andRVN Luthor Skirt, throw on some 3D glasses, and you've got a haute hocus-pocus Halloween costume.

 **This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links.

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