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Hair To Beauty Wig Review + Makeover Video

Wig Review and makeover

Tis the season for festive eye shadow look. It's been a long while since I've did any makeup and decided to do a makeover and wig review on my Youtube channel. Hair To Beauty have some great wig deals going on, so I decided to purchase two. Check out my video for my opinion of them both, also check out the wigs HERE AND HERE 

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A Review Of My Tempt Wig

tempt wig

Good evening all I hope you all are having a great Friday. Well, today  I wanted to share with my readers today about a wig I bought online from Hair To Beauty a while back, I usually buy long way wigs, but decided to try out a short wig.

Hair To Beauty is a great beauty shop site for lacefront wigs, synthetic and human and you can buy hair just in your budget, they also sell hair care, skin care and accessories. As I was saying I wanted to try out a shorter wig for once, so I ordered the wig because I thought is was really cute and sassy and it was on clearance for $9.99. I wished that the color I saw in the picture was available in the Red and Black, but only the Brown one was available.

When I opened it, I loved the color and the shortness of it, it was short on the left side, which is a darker Brown and a long bang on the right side in a light medium Brown.

 I tried it on and it fit perfectly on my head, but there wasn't in combs in the front or back, but it holds firmly in place with an extender. I love how I looked in it and you can comb it and style it on the bang side. You can heighten it to your liking or comb it down for a more flatter look.  Here are the results

front view wig

wig review
I've had this wig for a while and it's still functional, but the only problem I can't style it in different ways because of the cut style. I use this wig as an everyday errand look and when I go out on the town I usually put on my Red wig. This wig is still on clearance for  $9.99

hair to beauty
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