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My Awesome Beauty 20 Tips To Look Great And Beautiful Without Makeup

You probably heard about those claims about applying makeup on a daily basis could actually be bad for our health. To set things straight, we won’t start this debate as it would probably be a heated one. Instead, we wanted to focus our attention on ways to look great and beautiful without make up.

I guess some of you are so addicted to make up that the simple idea of going out with a bare naked face is absolutely out of the question. We certainly hear you. Makeup has become a way to hide our true self AND be more confident. But there are situations where you simply can’t wear any….

That’s why we have written this blog article that lists 20 tips from supermodels and experts to make you look pretty even if you don’t use your favorite lipstick or foundation. Believe us; a make up break is sometimes pretty vital for healthy skin.

my awesome beauty

Check out these 20 tips HERE

Thank you guys for stopping by. Have an awesome weekend! xoxoxo

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