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Casual With Tie Dye And Fashion Blogger Features

I purchased the Blue Tie Dye dress from Newchic and the accessories are ideas to go with my dress. The ideas may change up, but the tote I surely want. This casual outfit is under $100 bucks Very affordable and great for the beach or the park. Add in some cute shades, tote and sandals. A flower necklace would go so cute with everything.

Today is my first time featuring other fashion bloggers and I'm so honored to share with you guys my favorite picks this week. I really love their styles and personalities and their such nice ladies.

Shelby On The Edge

I'm loving Shelby's Salmon colored wrap dress from Torrid. She's a military wife and love her about me page. I love her quote on confidence "Self confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it" Love that :) also, Lately I've been getting mine back after losing a few pounds and feeling pretty good in what I wear.
Check out Shelby's blog on this pretty dress

Lizzie In Lace

I just love Lizzie's outfits! So pretty, stylish and full of eye-catching colors. I was so memorized at the cute, ruffled blouse and frill hem skirt. I also love her accessory pair up for this outfit. Check out her blog on this fabulous attire

 Even though I'm not much of a talker like others (I wish! lol!) I try to make friends. I've always been the quiet shy type, but I'm full of love and quite the silly girl when I'm comfortable with people I encounter. I want to make a ton of blogger friends and for them to know me. I take joy of being a stay at home wife blogger, it keeps me busy and sane in a crazy world. Fashion keeps me so sane. thank you guys for taking the time to visit my blog and thank you Shelby for featuring in your post before. I still think of that and it makes me feel so important.

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