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For The Love Of Photography

I've been having so much fun taking photo's today. I was told by my Professor that I needed to take more for my next task. Lately the task have been pretty difficult with learning how to use Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. The frustration I had made me want to quit and to think I have until August 2017 to graduate, Lord help me! Let me please stick to this program. Anyway my next project is a slideshow and I had to take action and start taking picture, so today had hubby prepare for photos. The first photo was of his muscle with a tube of lipstick with the words "Love Stong". Creativity for me is kind of hard, so I really had to think up something that represents love and that it's strong.

Love Strong Photo

Here are a few more photo's I wanted to share, I'm getting better and hoping soon to get another car to shoot more scenes . Look at him lo! handsome as can be

GlamMa Photography

GlamMa Photography
Pretty fun photoshoot this morning, so happy the pictures turned out great

 Mother tree protecting baby tree trunk

Tree trunk
 I took this image right from my patio Registered & Protected 

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