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Idol The Look (Post Update)

Billy Idol was one of my most loved rockers back in the 80's I watched MTV and when I first saw him as a kid, I fell in love. I loved the punk hair style ,the Black leather clothing and that famous sneer he does with his lip. The outfit I've picked out is a female version of him.
I've chosen a Black , loose blouse with a cross on it, Black heels with Gold spikes, long necklace and a bracelet, which makes this outfit funky.

You can wear your hair in a rocked out ponytail or Red lipstick

Idol The Look

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Fairytale Floral Prints Open Toe Ankle Strap Stiletto Sandals


Have you ever just looked at a beautiful heel and just fantasized about it? Well for me my imagination is always going when I look at certain high heels, for these heels I feel my mind wondering off to a magical forest filled with beautiful trees and flowers, The beautiful sun rays from up above illuminating nature around me. I hear the soothing sound of a water stream, chirping birds and the giggles of little fairies in balls of light.

Click the images on these two girls
Light Yellow


Free image from Pixabay

I'm wearing a beautiful colorful flower crown around my head , I'm wearing a white long dress and I'm wearing  floral heels. I feel so happy in this place that I start to twirl in a circle and laugh, while the fairies dance around me. Wow that fantasy took me there lol! I adore this heels with  the floral details from the front and back, that would go great with a pretty dress and accessories. They come in many more colors. I hope you enjoyed my story and that I took you on the journey with me.

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Don't Let Age Hinder Your Fashion Taste

Carrie Bradshaw
Carrie is a shoesaholic! The girl has to have her heels. She has very expensive taste and I love her choices
I don't know about you, but I love that show "Sex And The City"1 and 2. Surely some of you ladies can relate to some of the women in the show. The one with the most fashion sense is Carrie Bradshaw, even though she is a book writer, she carries herself in a playful, youthful way even though she is in her 40's. I'm sorta, kinda her in certain aspects. Sometimes I love dressing a little edgy and sassy to show off my youthful side. My post on the "Kill'in It Graphic Dress Here.

I love that she mixes up her clothing patterns and oh! How sexy her heels are. Who says you have to dress 40ish just because you are 40ish? Why grow old with your age when you can live life to the fullest? I'm not saying go dress super super young with hootchy mama shorts lol! But put on a style just right for you with a little youthful feel. I've put together this collection on some of the characters in the show and I think I got their fashion just right, a young feel with some sass, elegance and sexy appeal.

Miranda Hobs aka Mom/Lawyer
Even though is a workaholic the girl can throw down in fashion when she's with her girls

She clutches with her outfits
Chole Clutch Black Cheveron

Samantha the business woman and sexual one! She's stylish and over the top personality.

Stylish Trina

I'm 42 years old and still feel like that 17 year old girl at times, especially when I have something fab to show off to you guys. I love my makeup and the cute clothing I wear and my hair do's, Oh yes! I love feeling young and will continue to be me no matter what others say about me. Dress it up girl! Even if you're a mother, lawyer, or a book writer. Don't let age determine your outer and inner self.

Here are ways that keep me young

1. Laugh! Laughter is a great medicine to keep you looking and feeling young. I love acting goofy and making my spouse and family laugh also

2. Be spontaneous, Get up and go on an adventure even though it's not out of town, Go on a fun date with your spouse. I do this often and the rush I get is so fun.

3. Dance, dancing is great! Hell, I love listening to rock music and some metal. Bob your head, swing your hips and watch how fun and exciting it is.

4. Socialize with friends, Go out and have a drink with your girlfriends. I go out with my favorite cousin and we talk about our younger days and all the crazy stuff we did in our teens.

5. Fashion, girl! Buy that outfit you always wanted to buy with that spiky belt and spiky heels lol! Getting that daring outfit you always wanted to wear is exhilarating!

 Those are the ways that make me feel young and alive. If this post doesn't make sense to you, it makes sense to me lol! Have a great Thursday :)

Check out this article on "Ways To Look Younger And Feel Great"

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High Heel Shoes To Love

You can never get enough of heels for your wardrobe especially for a night on the town, events of even Church. I've always admired my mother and her collection of cute and sassy high heels. Until this day at the age of 60 my mother still collect, stylish heels that are reasonably priced.

High Heel Shoes To Love

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a few cents.

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Meet DeBlossom Carina Heels For Prom

Good day heel lovers, I'm hoping you are having a Fab Wednesday, today I'm feeling just fine even though it's about to rain, I shouldn't let that bother me though. I want to introduce you to The Carina high heels, these girls are beautiful and full of class.

deblossom heels

They have beautiful embellishments on one side and smooth patent material on the other, the Carina heels scream Diva! and can be worn with a Prom dress or pair them with a sexy pair of jeans to spice these up even more with your own personal style, add in some Gold accessories and Carina also come in Silver.

deblossom heels 3

deblossom heels 3

A great heel that is sleek and unique and surely to get some awesome compliments!

Check out some beautiful Prom Dresses that would go great with these heels

Prom Dress

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Finding Use In Your Old Wedding Heels

wedding bow-tie heels

Hello heel lovers I'm hoping your day is going great from the wild weekend you may have had lol! This post is about "Finding Use In Your Old Wedding Heels" I know some of you may have not used your wedding heels other than just walking down the isle, but you can reuse them to style up your everyday wardrobe.

I remember so vividly two days before my wedding going from store to store trying to find some heels for my wedding and I almost gave up until I went to the last store, which was shoe carnival , my mother was with me and we search isle to isle and finally those White bow tie mules caught my eyes yes! I said "Mama I found the perfect pair" lol! Boy was I one happy girl, they were perfect with my David Bridals wedding dress.

You don't have to let those special day heels sit in the closet any longer, pop those girls on once again, for me I have reused mine to go out on a date with the hubby.  They are not that high, but cute little mules From the designer Madeline I can wear with a nice little flowy knee length dress or better yet, leggings with a White blouse, add in a belt at the waist ,some earrings and a few bracelets for a cute casual look.

 Find use for your old wedding heels saves you money where you don't have to go out to buy another pair to go with your outfits. I still love my mules and will keep them as long as I can because they will never go out of style.

wedding heels

I'm wearing heels by Stuart Madeline
Wear Similar Heels

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