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There's Something About Cameron Diaz Heels

You may know Cameron Diaz from such movies as "There's Something About Mary", "The Mask", and recently "Annie"Which are three of my most favorite movies. I had no idea she could even sing. She's beautiful, stylish and very liked by many and also a former model. Today I wanted to find a heel that a celebrity was wearing and found a photo of her on Delicious.

When I saw the heels she was wearing I had to search the internet to find something similar but nothing until Shoes Of Prey just popped into my mind lol! The last post I made was on customizing high heels through Shoes Of Prey and this got really interesting to me. So I hopped on over to the site and start designing and wow!  I made heels exactly what she was wearing, It was easy as pie.

Cameron Diaz Heels

As you see in the photo she has on heels that are Black suede, Gold soles and Red and White pinstripes. I like the fact that I could thicken the heel stem and add in those cool designs. Wear these heels with a pair of hot skinny jeans, cute blouse of your choice and a cute clutch for a night on the town.
customized shoes of prey heels

customized shoes of prey heels

customized shoes of prey heels
I'm so happy with the outcome, they are perfect and are marvelous honey lol! If you want a celebrity styled heel, Shoes Of Prey is the place to customize it. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my post I really hope you enjoyed it.       Shoes Of Prey

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Cold Shoulder Mock Neck Swing Dress

Cold Shoulder Swing Dress

The Cold Shoulder trend is everywhere! I see it on fashion bloggers and people in my town. Why is the clothing trending? Because any woman can wear it no matter the age. The shoulders are for some the most appealing body part, so why not show it off. I'm in my 40's and I've seen women older then myself wearing the cold shoulder tops. I must say it's the most beautiful sight ever. Women today wear what they want when they want and I'm behind them 100%.

Today I'm wearing a cold shoulder swing dress with a mock neck in size 3x and it fits me great. I love the Maroonish color and the fabric feel so fabulous on my skin, soft as baby's' skin. It snugs me good in my waist area to give this plus size girl some shape. Swings at the bottom beautifully. It's just above my knees to show off my legs. I use to be so self conscience about my legs because they are so thick, but not anymore, I'm always getting good compliments from my family what pretty, thick legs I have.

I didn't have many accessories for this dress so I added my Brown and Gold fringe necklace and Gold and Black Zebra sandals to make this dress more appealing. You can add other colors to the outfit to make it uniquely yours.

Swing dress


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A cute clutch would also go great with this dress. Yesterday when my husband was taking my photos the older gentle across the street was whistling at me lol! I must have looked hot to him lol! I was so flattered. Anyway you all have a great Sunday!

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In fashion featured Jeans and heels plus size clothing Plus size clothing ideas Tote Bag

It's A Jeans Heels And Bag Kind Of Day

It's a great day to go out and do some shopping. Lately I've been on a fashion high and decided to dig in my closet for a fun outfit look. The top is off the should to show off your beautiful skin, the necklace I purchased from Amazon for a very cheap price from a designer called QIYUN.Z 


Close up

The colorful flower tote I bought a while back at my local King Dollar. I tell you that store has a ton of useful products you can use at very cheap prices. The jeans are second hand, which I rolled up at the bottom to make them cropped. Even though I threw away my heels because I couldn't walk in them because of weight gain, I kept my White wedding heels.

Flower tote


The heels are very low and yes! I can walk in them better than the higher ones. One day I'm getting me more heels to showcase for you guys. Anyway I totally dig my look of the day. I put on minimal makeup with ink lips, little eyeshadow and eyeliner.

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Have a blessed day!

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Killin It Over 40 Plussize Lace Up Dress

laceup dress

I finally got my dress and sneakers and I must say I'm loving this Graphic Lace Up Dress. When I saw it online from Rainbow Shops I had to buy it. It cost $17.97 and come in two more colors, Peach and Olive and sizes 1x-3x, I'm wearing a 3x. I also bought me some sneakers in Black, Which was online at Rainbow Shops for $7, what a deal. You can dress pretty in the cheap range and the dress and sneakers cost a total about $34.

The details on the dress Killin It is so hip and cute. Loving the laceup in the mid section to adjust the dress to what you like. The length is 39 inches above my knees and I'm loving how it showcases my legs lol! Big and beautiful honey!

Anyway the hubby and I went to the park to take my pictures and sit and chat a while and watch the ducks Even though it rained today we still had a great time. The lake is just beautiful.



Grahpic dress

Killin It







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Thanks so much for stopping by and please don't forget to subscribe to my blog for updates, Oh! and Google+ add me :)

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