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Design Your Own High Heels

If you are a woman that like to go the extra mile for a fabulous shoe, why not design your own high heels. I was searching for some cool content this morning and came across the website "Shoes Of Prey" they have gorgeous high heels at prices you can afford. So this post is going to be alot of fun as I walk you through the steps of how I designed my heels.

First you pick out the color heel you want to design, in this image I chose Black it's a color you can add tons of color to. You can choose a style and just customize your own. I start by choosing the 41/2 inch pump on the right side of the page you will see colors and textures of how you want to design.

 I clicked start and start designing and I tell you they have cool textures to add on the heels. I selected Pink and White stripes in cotton texture and added a Black bow on the back of the heel.

You can also add text on heels, how cool is that? I think I'm liking the text design of this heel

There are no limits as to designing your perfect heel and at the bottom of the page shows you many other designs you can choose from. You can add straps and so on and so on. After you completed your art on your heels click save and order your very creative shoes.

It was fun and my total came up to $199 with the extra things I added to my order, I say that's pretty cool lol! hope you enjoyed the post and the link to start your design is at Shoes Of Prey

All images in this post are credited to Shoes Of Prey. I used the images for informational purposes for heel lovers.

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