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My Eye Shadow Line Has Launched!

Empire Eyez

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Makeup Essentials Cosmetic Kit

This is my first time ever trying out Makeup Essentials brand. My husband bought this cosmetic set last week for me while out and about in town. Even though I didn't ask for this makeup, he did get it for a pretty good price of $20.  The only problem I have with the contour kit is, there isn't a darker color to contour my jawline with. Usually I use a Black eyeliner to help define my face.

makeup essentials

I just can't seem to find the perfect contour for my skin tone, but I will use this kit anyway for highlighting. I like that it's powder and not cream.

 #MakeupEssentials Brand makeup the hubby bought me last week for the price of $20.
#ContourKit #FacePrimer #Eyeshadow #Loveme #Cosmetics #Beauty #MorganSmorganReviews
Posted by Trina Morgan on Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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Spolied Brat Eye Shadow Look With Wet n Wild Cosmetics

Spolied Brat Eye Shadow Look

Hi readers, sorry I haven't been blogging much for you guys. Tonight I just finished my eye shadow video using Wet N Wild eye shadow palette. This is a cute yet dramatic look you can wear out, especially the night scene. Hope you enjoy, it's very short.

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How To Get A Easy Asian Girl Eyes Look (Video Tutorial)

Hello, lovelies I've always been fascinated with the Asian culture and I wanted to make a video of this simple but easy makeup look. I've always been a creative individual since I was a child from making little dolls and even into adulthood making fashionable doll figures. Most of all makeup was and is my most favorite hobby. Check out my video and I hope it inspires you by watching it

Create my look with this cool cosmetics

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3D Fiber Lash Mascara by CatZeyes Cosmetics

catzeyes cosmetics 3d fiber mascara

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own

Good afternoon ladies, Have you ever just wanted long beautiful lashes without having to wear those fake lashes? Then I think this product is just right for you, get 300% fuller and longer eyelashes.

CatZeyes Cosmetics is a UK based business and have launched a 3D Fiber Lash Mascara: FabLascious on Amazon and had great reviews on quality, packaging, results and customer service! Fiber Mascaras are adding length and volume to natural lashes- and feedback validates that they have a superior quality product at best price (and will have great blackfriday deals!

You can buy HERE

Check out their website for product launches and more

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In beauty cosmetics eye shadow glam shimmery eye shadow

Must-Have Eyeshadows

When I'm looking for eye shadow, I usually like shadow with a lot of shimmer. Shimmer adds glam better than the matte eye shadows out there. I love pops of color where you can match with your outfits or fingernails.

The eyes are the window of your soul, they tell everything about you, your personality, whether you're sad or happy in your life. You beautify them up to show that mysterious side of you. Personally, I love darker shades to show the mysterious side of me.

Blending eye shadows to make your own personal look is so much fun, so here are some of my must-haves in eye shadow.

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Juicy Glam Complete Look With Free Gifts

Good morning lovelies, if you are a woman that is into organic skincare then Juice Beauty, The Organic Solution is the product for you.

Their product has certified, organic ingredients, which dramatically reduces residue from pesticides, unnecessary synthetic chemicals, and synthetic residue in their product ingredients.

Here are a complete package look, which come in ivory, sand, and tan from light to medium skin tones and included in each makeup set is

Correcting Concealer
Refining Finishing Powder
Defining Eyeliner
Lash Defining Mascara
Glowing Check Color
Refining Gloss
Conditioning Lip Color
Free Buki Brush
Free travel size Cleansing Milk

They also offer organic hair care products

juicy glam

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In beauty cosmetics makeup transformation

I Have Glam Appeal!

glam &more

 Yes I do have Glam Appeal, I have another love besides high heels and that's makeup, I remember watching my mother as a young girl get all glammed up in her makeup from foundation, to lipstck but she never wore eyeshadow. I use to play in her makeup all the time and it was such fun and I grew to love makeup and how it transform you into a swan.

I started out real early wearing it in the house, which my mother didn't mind and as I got older I started getting better at it. I love watching Youtube videos of the experts that turn their faces into canvases, contouring and showing off their artistic ways to come up with eyeshadow looks.

Makeup for me is a way to express myself even when I'm feeling down, when I put it on it liven up my mood so if you are feeling blue put on some makeup and dress yourself up and it will make you feel so much better. Watch my video as I transform my face using my budget makeup. Glam on! Please subscribe:)

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