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How To Update Your Acne Treatment Routine With 5 Simple Steps

update acne routine
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Acne: Guide And Best Treatments

my awesome beauty guide
What is acne? It is one of the most annoying skin problems that can quickly become a nightmare. Pimples, zits, whiteheads, blackheads, they make your face look like a pizza… sorry if you were eating. 

If you are like me, you would probably try any available product to remove those pesky pimples, but the thing is every acne product is not suitable. You can definitely damage your skin with harsh products that could worsen your condition so before buying the first product within eyesight or because your saw some nice TV ads.  Step back and take some time to learn a little what to look for.

As for everything, knowledge is power.

And if you want to make the perfect choices for your skin and choose the most cost effective acne treatment, you need to do some research.

Luckily, our friends from the beauty blog, did it again (sorry nothing to do with our Britney, though if my memory serves me right, she definitely had to deal with acne big time when she was younger….) so Sophie and her team published a complete and detailed guide to help you choose the right acne treatment for your skin type.

They listed 8 simple and crystal-clear criteria that will help you avoid those canny marketing tricks that cosmetic brands like to use to get your hard earned money. They reveal what acne actives to check, what percentage to look for, what other actives to avoid, what tricks to avoid too. They will also give you some tips depending on your skin type: oily, combination skin.

As a bonus, they tested different products and revealed their top 3 brands and 2 brands to avoid with their usual in-depth cosmetic reviews. Do I need to remind you that a team of cosmetic professionals runs this blog?

So if you want to win this acne battle, you’d better go and check their guide and get prepared.  Acne can be defeated!!!  Check the guide HERE.

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