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Do You Like The Mob Wives? Wear A Inspiration

Hi lovelies, I hope you are having a great Monday today I want to share with you an inspiration from the tv show Mob Wives. When I put this outfit together, it spoke Drita D'avanzo, Yes, she's bad ass with her fashion, from wearing elegant gowns to  hip wear.

With her in mind, I stopped on over to Drjays and found some cool Urban wear and as you can see in the set I've created, Pairing a graphic fashion tee with the Cupcake Mafia Skirt make this a unique style to wear out.

I love the Pink, I've been posting a lot with Pink colors because it stands out so much and you can wear with other different colors. I added in a Black clutch with the Silver words cool to match the Silver high heels. You can switch up the heels and tee for this outfit to suit your own personal style.

Drjays is a great source to shop for everyone's taste and you can find good sales and clearances on the shopping site, I personally shopped many times there and have a few pieces of clothing and it's cool for back to school shopping.

Mafia Girl Fashion
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Life Of The Party In Heels

I'm such a Polyvore junkie lol! I love the fact that you can be so creative and put a multitude of fashionable clothing together and hopefully think someone will wear what you put together. I'm not the one to party anymore those days are past but when I did I had this image in my mind what I would definitely wear.

I think the striped, strapless dress  and heels from Choies is a great choice for the laid back club scene, add a cute necklace or even some bangles  and a clutch bag to pull of this Spring/Summer look. I also love wigs and lacefront and I picked this cute little, short wig with Red and Orange highlights from Hair To Beauty website. They have reasonable prices within your budget and if you are a woman that love really expensive they have that to. This outfit screams "Life Of The Party"

Life Of The Party

Black Serpentine Buckle Peep Toe Heeled Sandals

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