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I want Some Mo' Fashion

Yes, you see the title right, if you are a fashion lover like me, you try to find it any and everywhere. I look all over the internet and Facebook for inspirations on end and try to blog at least several times a week so that my post can be seen.

There's inspiration all around me from family members, to whatever pops in my head lol! I'm always concocting up something to make an interesting post. Today's fashion is on my cousin Mo she is always wearing the most fly clothing from dresses, jumpsuits or shorts and she pairs them so well, especially with heels.

Just because we are mothers doesn't mean we can't dress sexy and fly and she knows how to dress up for a night on the town with her girls. She posted a picture on Facebook and I told her I had to blog on her dress she was wearing. She's wearing a White bodycon dress with newspaper print with the words "Live The Life You Love", I love that quote.

She added a Black hand tote, a pair of leaf earrings and a nice bracelet and some Black heels to complete her night look and not to mention great makeup, you go girl! What a beautiful woman

Mo' Fashion

Bodycon Dress

 I found a dress similar to her dress from Citi Trend in Lip Print and it comes in Plus size small,medium and large. I have shopped many times from Citi Trends and they have all kinds of fashion to fit your budget. I'm surprised that they have a website now and I can shop away lol! Thanks so much for reading my post, it was fun to make. Stay tuned for more inspiration and heels and please subscribe to my blog.

   Citi Trends- Trendy Urban Clothing

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