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High Heels On Your Desk

 Hi readers I know I'm mostly posting about high heels and outfit inspirations with high heels, but I was searching the web to come up with some content you will love and probably have never thought of having. Now this is the first time I have heard of or saw a high heel calendar and I was glued to the computer screen looking at all the calendars to pick out and blog about.

There are an array of beautifully illustrated high heel calendars and I chose this calendar image because it has unique heels everyday of the week and it also describe the heels and who the designer is, is that just awesome!?

 As you can see this calendar is interesting and you can sit it on your desk at home or take it to work for a pick me up when you have some spare time to waste lol! Everyday of the week looking at the heel calendar is like eye candy, you want heels bad lol! Yes I just said that.

You can go to Amazon to purchase this calendar from Workman Publishing and the reviews are great, now I saw one person that was not satisfied but who cares you can't please everyone and everyone has different taste.

Workman Publishing has an upcoming 2016 calendar also that you can pre-order for the next coming year so go check it out and I hope you enjoyed my post.

  (The images I used in this post is for information purposes only for high heel lovers.)

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