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In advertisements for less blogging brands under value in blogging

A Brand Tried To Under Value Me

A blog tried to under value me

I truly hate when a brand emails me asking for ad space on my blog, asking what is my rate but when I give them a fair price they want to under value my service. My blog may not be the biggest blog out there and I surely not going to accept $10 for a 3 month banner on my site. Then try to tell me that other sites accepted way less, like $5 for 3 months. You must be very desperate to take that amount for the hard work you put into your blog.

Then what else pisses me off is the brands that come at me are foreign and it's always the same, asking how much and then want to offer me less for advertising. Brands here in the USA do not want to take a second look because your blog isn't high up in the rankings. We as bloggers get taken as fools and we under value ourselves when we accept less, so the brand thinks they can give you what the hell they think you are worth. I say kiss my tush and go find some other fool that you think is worthless and pay $5 or $10 bucks. With that being said I emailed them giving them a piece of my mind. Good day!

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