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Youtube Now Allow #Hashtags On Your Videos

Yes! The day has come that Youtube Now Allow #Hashtags On Your Videos. I think this will be a jewel for us small youtube channels, especially in beauty. You can now add hashtags within your title and description but hold on! Don't go overboard you can't do more than 15 per video or your video will be yanked for community violations. Anyway I found an article that said "when you search on YouTube, you’re presented with results that are determined by top-secret algorithms (which usually focus on solid ratings and engagement). Searching hashtags, however, will show you a few trending videos, but will also show you newly created videos in that topic."

So I went in after reading about it, added a few hashtags, One to my title and two in my description area on my video and saw my video in "Latest video section"

Youtube hashtag
 So so so cool! And as you know hashtags doesn't have spaces, so if you are wanting to add two words, put them together then save and there will be a clickable link on your hashtag. I really hope this short post is a help to you Youtubers out there.

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