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Add Witch Hazel To Your Skincare Routine

8 reason to add witch hazel to skin routine

The benefits of Witch hazel for skin

Did you know witch hazel is an awesome herbal remedy that can be pretty handy for your skin and common disorders?

Sophie and her team from did it again and posted a super detailed article that lists 18 witch hazel uses and 8 effective DIY recipes.

Witch hazel helps to treat acne thanks to its astringent properties.  It will also reduce puffiness under your eyes by tightening this fragile area.

If you have kids, you know healing bruises is almost your everyday activity. The good news is you can also use witch hazel to speed up the healing process with a simple cotton pad and a few drops of witch hazel.

Witch hazel will also be beneficial for some people with dry skin.  How? Your skin loses moisture when essential oils are stripped from your skin's natural protective barrier. Although harmful oils containing bacteria should be avoided, your skin requires oils to keep moisture in. Witch hazel cleanses your skin without removing the good oils and strengthens your skin's protective barrier.

Does your man shave? If he does, which is pretty sure, witch hazel is also a perfect after shave splash to use to reduce any irritation and redness; it will also handle any minor cuts. Some witch hazel brands contain some alcohol that will help disinfect any cuts too.

There are also some skin disorders that can be improved with witch hazel such as dermatitis (seborrheic, contact, atopic, etc.). Eczema is a kind of dermatitis called atopic dermatitis and all can have symptoms reduced when applying witch hazel to affected areas. “Weeping” dermatitis, known by its oozing, has seen great improvement when witch hazel was used to stop the secretion. However, keep in mind you should not apply witch hazel or any other natural herbs directly onto a wound or open sore. Apply around the affected area on closed skin for best results.

There are many easy DIY recipes to try on our friend sophie’s blog, where you will also learn how to make your own witch hazel extract.

So go and read her awesome article about the uses of witch hazel on face skin and how to use it effectively here.  (

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