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How To Date Your Husband Or Wife On A $30 Budget

How To Date Your Husband Or Wife On A $30 Budget

In this post I will give you some tips of spending just $30 to spend quality time and fun with your husband or wife. Many couples spend maybe hundreds of dollars in a month.

 Tip #1 Go on a movie date, tickets in the early part of the day is way cheaper, in my town it's about $4.50 per adult from morning to noon. My husband and I have done an early movie date many times.

 Tip #2 Eat cheap, There are many restaurants for casual eating like a buffet during early times of the day. Buffets have many varieties of delicious food you and your spouse can enjoy. My favorite spot is China Buffet and per adult we pay $7.49 to eat all we want.

 Tip #3 Have a Latte, A latte cost around $3.65 at Starbucks and they also have a patio to relax on and to chit-chat all you want. So romantic I think.

 Tip #4 Eat Ice Cream, Spending  $.99 cents on a Vanilla cone is a deal! McDonald's or Sonic's Drive in is this place. They also have sitting places where you can enjoy and chat with your spouse.

 The rest of your date can also be free, like going to the park where there is a duck pond . Nothing says romance more than feeding ducks together and holding each other. If there is a carnival in town, just sit in your car and watch the rides at night, it's so beautiful. Now to sum this date up it cost a total of $29.61 to do all these tips. Next time you want to do a date that's simple and don't have much money these budget tips are it.


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