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Why Are Your Current Weight Loss Exercises Not Working?


Losing weight is hard work. And it can be very disheartening when your efforts aren't rewarded with the desired results. However, if you maintain the same strategy, the same results will inevitably be seen. Identifying the source of your shortcomings before rectifying the situation is the only way to steer yourself to a better future.

Here are four key reasons why you're not currently seeing the results you deserve, along with what can be done to fix the situation.

1) You Lack Motivation

The only way to successfully lose weight is to commit yourself to the process. Without a genuine source of motivation, dragging yourself to the gym on a cold winter morning will become very tough. Conversely, when you truly want success, nothing will stop you.

Only you can determine where that motivation comes from. Whether it's wanting to be a more active parent or to gain self-confidence, inspiration is vital. Aside from preventing skipped days, it'll play a key role in getting more out of each workout. In turn, this will enhance your progress.

You can maintain the motivation by competing against friends.

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2) Plans Aren't Tailored To You

The fundamental formula for fat loss couldn't be simpler. If you burn more calories than you consume, you will see progress. Unfortunately, the human body is a complex machine. Crucially, we are all unique. As such, any strategy should be built around your personal needs.

This process should consider your goals, current lifestyle, and limitations. Tests from Dynamic DNA Laboratories can provide biological insight for guidance. Knowledge is power and a better understanding of your body can only point you towards better results. 

Better still, knowing that plans are optimized for success can deliver added confidence in the method.

3) They're Not Supported By A Healthy Lifestyle

Following the right fitness plan is an integral feature in finding the right strategy for weight loss. But it is far from being the only influential factor. If the supporting features aren't in place too, a lot of the good work achieved during workouts will be lost.

Nutrition and hydration are naturally essential pieces of the jigsaw. However, it's equally crucial to ensure that you get enough sleep to promote a better physical recovery. Listening to Calm sleep stories and music can work wonders. Best of all, you'll have more energy for workouts.

Until all aspects of your life are connected, results will remain limited.

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4) You Aren't Tracking Your Progress

It's one thing to follow what is perceived to be a good program. In truth, though, the results will reveal all you need to know. While you shouldn't expect overnight success, extended stagnation tells you that a change is needed. So, regular monitoring is key.

Tracking your weight loss isn't only about the scales. The way your clothes hang on your body will have a big influence too. Learning how to take your measurements in the correct way is an important step. Likewise, you must keep setting little milestones en route to bigger goals.

Get this right, and the pounds will continue to drop until your targets are hit.

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This Guide will Help you to Get back in Shape without the Stress

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Losing weight can sometimes be a challenge. You may feel as though the world is working against you and that even when you do put in the work, your weight seems to stay the same. This can be discouraging, but if you persevere then there’s no reason why you can’t eventually be back in the best shape of your life.

Make it Easy to Workout

If you don’t get to sleep until the early hours of the morning, then there’s a high chance that you won’t want to hit the gym as soon as you wake up. You’ll feel tired and unmotivated, and this won’t be doing you any favours. If you want to get around this then you need to try and set a good routine. Go to bed at a reasonable hour, and even get out all of the clothing items you need the night before. If you’re still struggling, then working out first thing in the morning may not be the best idea. Instead, workout at night when you have more energy.


Portion Control

Portion control is very important when you’re trying to lose weight. You have to make sure that you’re not giving yourself too little or else you’ll be hungry later. On the flip side, if you eat too much then you’ll end up putting more weight on. There’s a very fine line here, but if you take your time then there’s no reason why you can’t lose weight. Consider downloading an app to help you with the measurements, or even try to cook meals in advance. When you do, you will soon find that you always have something ready and that you don’t have to worry about each individual meal. Eliminating alcohol is also key.

Burrito Chicken

Little and Often

Sure, power sessions at the gym are great for your body but if you only do it once a week then you won’t be helping yourself as much as you could be. If you don’t have time to hit the gym more then consider walking to work, or even taking the stairs instead of the elevator. By doing little and often, you can make a huge difference to your fitness overall and you can also make it easier to shed those pounds. If you struggle to lose weight because of a personal injury then contact Hadley Law Firm.

Don’t Focus on Weight

A lot of people workout and wonder why they don’t lose weight. The main reason for this is because muscle weighs more than fat, so you should always go off your BMI instead of your overall weight. There are scales that you can buy that will give you the chance to do this, and you’d be surprised at how much of an asset they can be to your overall fitness level.

Of course, losing weight can be a long and difficult process, but if you’re willing to stick it out and follow the above guidelines then there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t achieve your goals.

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Eight Bizarre Weight Loss Tricks That Work

No matter where you go online, you can find a solution for weight loss. Whether you’re looking to loosen up your muscles to make yourself more bendy or you’re looking for a quick-fix solution for that little black dress event ahead, there’s always a way to get there. The thing is, weight loss isn’t a one size fits all activity. Losing weight and getting healthier is individual and what works for one person won’t be the solution for someone else. There are healthy ways to lose weight long term, but if you want to experiment and try something new, or even if you just want to lose those last couple of pounds, then these eight quirky ways could work for you.

Sniff, Sniff.
This is going to sound truly bizarre, but if you want to go totally quirky for your weight loss, how about sniffing fruit or peppermint? It’s true. There have been studies performed with over three thousand volunteers and the more frequently that people sniffed these foods, the less hungry they were. It’s like the brain is tricked into thinking you’re eating. Try not to sniff apples unless you plan to eat them though; especially not those in a shared fruit bowl at work.

Breakfast Like A King.
Eating a big breakfast means that you slowly release energy throughout the day, and in doing so, you curb your need to snack on junk foods. A smaller dinner compared to a bigger, more calorific breakfast could be the very answer that you need to slim down.

A Cup Of Motivation.
Social media is full of information about Skinny Coffees and detox teas, when really, all you need is to go a little natural. We all know the great things about green tea, but if you haven’t yet, it may be time to read up on the benefits of ginger tea for weight loss. Not only do you get to try a new flavour, but you get the chance to have a delicious cup of tea instead of a sugary soft drink.

Set Up Patterns.
Every time you get a piece of junk mail or a takeaway menu through your mailbox, do a jog around the block for every piece you get. Ten pieces equals ten laps. When you set up patterns like this, not only are you encouraging your body to get moving, you’re going to feel fantastic about yourself as you go.

Weight Loss
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Mirror, Mirror.
No one likes to watch themselves eat. It’s just not nice to clock an image of yourself chowing down on your dinner like it’s the last meal on earth. So, if you’re having an issue with seeing yourself eat, then perhaps it’s time to mount a mirror on the wall opposite your seat at the dining table. If you don’t like what you see, it can be enough to help you learn to cut back on your snacks and eat more nutrient-rich foods.
Get Accountable.
It may not be your thing, but Instagram is actually a fantastic weight loss tool. Having a following of people who are waiting for you to post your meals is a good way to feel like you need to shoot your food. Get accountable with it and let others see what you’re eating. This way, you can learn to create better food habits for yourself.
Scented Candles – Not For Consumption.
Lighting a scented candle after dinner in a vanilla or fruity scent can head off cravings for dessert foods. The appetite is suppressed, and you can breeze on with your day without the chocolate eclairs calling your name from the refrigerator.
Go Blue
Did you know that a colour can be an appetite suppressant? There are very few restaurants out there that have blue lighting, and it’s because people don’t find their food as appealing when it’s highlighted with blue. If you aim to eat on blue plates and have a blue tablecloth, you’re more likely to eat less of your food. Orange, yellow and red are colours that are full, which encourages you to eat more. Isn’t the brain great?
There are – of course – so very many more ways that you can lose weight, both quirky and conventional. The question is about what could work for you. Don’t measure your progress against anyone else’s, just trust in the method you choose and take notes on how it’s working for you. You could really be surprised in what you find. Trust the process and the weight will go.

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