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Video Slot Games vs. Retro Slot Machines: Differences


Over the last century or so the casino industry has been well and truly rebooted, with the gambling world bouncing back from the illegalization of casinos in the 19th century, and coming back with a great deal more force. You only have to look at places like Las Vegas to see quite how popular gambling is nowadays, something that gets even more obvious when you consider the, quite frankly ludicrous, nature of modern online casino games - play today for free.

Oh yes, online casino is without a shadow of a doubt the most popular area of the 21st century gambling industry, and the main reason for this by far is the wonderful world of online slots and video slots. Of course, there are still millions of gamblers who love playing on retro slot machines, however the trend is overwhelmingly towards video slot games these days. Want to know what some of the differences between video slot games and retro slot machines is? Keep reading to find out! 

Retro slot machines: Steeped in history 

Retro slot machines are historically very interesting, mainly because they are very similar to the first slot machines ever to be invented, which gives them a fascinating extra layer of value. It was a man called Charles D. Fey who is generally attributed with being the first to create a commercially successful slot machine, unveiling his Liberty Bell machine in the late 1800s. 

As you might expect, Mr Fey’s Liberty Bell machine proved to be insanely popular after its release, mainly because gamblers had never really seen anything like it before. And this popularity continues into the modern day too, because most retro slot machines are still modelled on the basic principles of the original Liberty Bell machine! 

How do video slot games work? 

Video slot games are an altogether much more modern are of gambling entertainment, having only been made possible in the early 1980s. You see, it was difficult enough honing in digitalized video screen technology, but after this developers also had to work out how to keep the slot reels spinning randomly, without any actual mechanical parts. 

The answer? It was, of course, the RNG, an abbreviation of Random Number Generator. This sophisticated bit of computing creates a never-ending stream of random numbers, and using this developers can make sure that their video slot reels spin in a completely random and fair way. You know what? If it wasn’t for RNGs video slots, and by extension online slots, simply would not exist! 

A few key differences between video slot games and retro slot machines 

So, what are some of the key differences between video slot games and retro slot machines? Let’s take a look: 

·         Online vs. offline: By far the most obvious difference between video slot games and retro slot machines is that the latter tend to be land-based terminals, whereas a lot of video slot games are online these days.

·         Bonus features: There are ample opportunities for developers to stuff video slot games with all sorts of bonus features, however with retro slot machines things have to remain largely the same.

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