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What to Wear for a Valentine’s Day Walk

Whilst many of us see Valentine’s day as a means to dress up and head out for a swanky dinner followed by the finest champagnes and luxury deserts, there is a few of us who prefer to keep things a little more low key on the most romantic day of the year. February 14th is undoubtedly the most amorous holiday; when it’s perfectly acceptable to be as cheesy as a Jennifer Aniston movie. However, it’s not always about heart shaped condiments and bottles of expensive bubbly, it’s about spending cherished time with the one you love; being grateful for your relationship and saying thank you for all the support and wonderful memories.

I’m one of those few that prefers to keep it casual; me and my partner make handmade gifts and cards to keep it fun but low cost so that we can spend our money on going away later in the year! We use Valentine’s day as an excuse to get out our country boots and hit the hills for some quality down time surrounded by the earths most blessed gift!

If you have a dog or even horses, it’s a great excuse to wrap up and go for a stroll through the wonderland of nature to celebrate your time together. However you decide to spend your special day, you need to be prepared with the right equipment – whether it’s a simplistic stroll through the local park, or a full on hiking adventure through the mountains – you need comfortable and effective footwear and resilient clothing to keep your day focused on what really matters!

As a rider myself, I tend to blend my riding and walking gear into one basket of weather proof, sustainable and quality items. One of my favourite go-to websites at the moment is The Spanish Boot Company, an online outlet providing country lovers with the finest leather riding boots and numerous other accessories to comply with outdoor ventures. With a collection including women’s, men’s and children’s wear there’s a boot for every occasion!

With the family run business in mind, picking an outfit for your day outdoors is significantly easier, but for inspiration purposes we’ve created a walking outfit below to enthuse you even more…

Country Boots

These stunning Spanish leather country boots are comfortable, durable, water proof and above all, they look fantastic. Teamed with a pair of fuzzy socks and leg warmers your feet will be happy as Larry. Layer it up to avoid the February winds with the Liberty Freedom tweed jacket to create an heir of countryside alliance whilst emulating their signature ‘classic goes punk’ style. Tweed is your number one country walk companion (after your furry four-legged friend!)  whilst its texture is heavy and thick, it lets water slide right off, trapping in the heat and acting as a great shield against harsh winds.

So now you’re fully prepped to enjoy a blissful day out with your other half, roaming the rocky terrains and wondering through the trees – forget the superficiality and embrace the journey!

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