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Tinnitus: It's A Bigger Problem Than You Think

Imagine having a condition that doesn’t let you sleep, relax, or unwind. It’s always there in the background, keeping you on edge, slowly reducing your resilience and wellness.

Such a condition seems like a nightmare, but it is very real for those who have tinnitus.

People often describe tinnitus as a constant ringing in the ears with no external cause. The syndrome, however, is much broader than that. Patients can often hear buzzing, whirring, winding, and humming sounds too.

What Causes Tinnitus? 


Researches are still trying to work out what causes tinnitus. Many now believe that it results from a lack of stimulation of the auditory cortex. As a person starts to lose their hearing, the amount of information that gets to the part of the brain responsible for processing sounds goes down. Eventually, so little stimulation gets through that the region begins to hallucinate sounds, creating a continuous noise in the ear without any apparent external cause. 

For this reason, people with hearing loss must wear hearing aids. Assistive hearing devices increase the amount of sound reaching the brain, helping to stimulate it and keep tinnitus at bay. A lot of people find that wearing BTE or ITC devices reduces their symptoms and improves the overall quality of their life. 

The Problems That Untreated Tinnitus Can Cause

Untreated tinnitus can cause all kinds of people for those with the condition. It’s not just the stress of the incessant noise, but the fallout from that too. 

People with tinnitus, for instance, can find themselves struggling to sleep at night. Their head hits the pillow, but they’re unable to get any shuteye because of the ringing sounds that they can hear in their ears. It becomes a real point of focus for them, and they’re unable to drift off into deep, natural sleep. Many wind up turning to pain killers. 

Tinnitus can also lead to bouts of depression. People with the condition worry about whether it will ever improve, and they can get on with their lives. It can go on for weeks and months at a time with no resolution in sight. 

What Can You Do About Tinnitus? 

Fortunately, doctors and audiologists have developed a range of strategies designed to help people with tinnitus. 

One of the things that they now offer is sound therapy. Here, they provide you with a device that produces different kinds of noise that drown out the sound of your tinnitus, providing you with some relief. 

White noise, for instance, appears to be good at distracting the brain and reducing the invasiveness of the sounds generated by the inner ear. 

You can also program hearing aids to emit a distinctive tinnitus-canceling sound. 

Some practitioners in the field also advocate therapy. Therapy doesn’t actually address the physical causes of tinnitus at all. Instead, it focuses on retraining the patient’s mind so that it is better able to cope with the symptoms of the disease. 

Finally, some patients opt for tinnitus retraining therapy - a set of psychological procedures that attempt to enable people to tune out of the sound. 

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