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Fairytale Floral Prints Open Toe Ankle Strap Stiletto Sandals


Have you ever just looked at a beautiful heel and just fantasized about it? Well for me my imagination is always going when I look at certain high heels, for these heels I feel my mind wondering off to a magical forest filled with beautiful trees and flowers, The beautiful sun rays from up above illuminating nature around me. I hear the soothing sound of a water stream, chirping birds and the giggles of little fairies in balls of light.

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I'm wearing a beautiful colorful flower crown around my head , I'm wearing a white long dress and I'm wearing  floral heels. I feel so happy in this place that I start to twirl in a circle and laugh, while the fairies dance around me. Wow that fantasy took me there lol! I adore this heels with  the floral details from the front and back, that would go great with a pretty dress and accessories. They come in many more colors. I hope you enjoyed my story and that I took you on the journey with me.

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Makeup Essentials Cosmetic Kit

This is my first time ever trying out Makeup Essentials brand. My husband bought this cosmetic set last week for me while out and about in town. Even though I didn't ask for this makeup, he did get it for a pretty good price of $20.  The only problem I have with the contour kit is, there isn't a darker color to contour my jawline with. Usually I use a Black eyeliner to help define my face.

makeup essentials

I just can't seem to find the perfect contour for my skin tone, but I will use this kit anyway for highlighting. I like that it's powder and not cream.

 #MakeupEssentials Brand makeup the hubby bought me last week for the price of $20.
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Posted by Trina Morgan on Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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