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May The Force Be With You

star wars poster
Poster from Photobucket

Aha! Yes Star Wars have always been my favorite movie since a child, it was my first action packed, sci-fi movie of all time, which I had a big crush on Luke Sky walker with those big Blue eyes. Anyway, last month in January the husband and I decided to go see this cool movie. First we went out to dinner first, but we couldn't decide on what time should we pick, the movie was playing in two theatre rooms, one being 3D the other regular.

The 3D movies were about to start in about 30 minutes, while the other started in about an hour, well, being me, I didn't want to wait so we chose 3D up close action lol! We finish our dinner, get in the car and drive to the theatre and little did I know that the tickets cost $10.75 a piece oh Lord! I never paid that much in my life for a movie ticket. I wanted to see it bad though so we purchased it anyway and was handed some cool 3d glasses too.

 star wars movie ticket

3d movie glasses

Boy did I love all the cool graphics in this movie, they came right at me like I was inside the movie lol! John Boyega looks just like my cousin in the movie, I kept saying " honey that guy looks like Isaiah lol! I also loved Dasiy Ridley in the movie to a female, saber, slinging chick. If you haven't went to go see it yet I suggest you do, it's filled with lots of action and surprises. I give the movie 5stars! I really enjoyed it and would see it again in a heartbeat. Thanks for reading my post and have a great Valentine's Day Weekend:)

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