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Easy Taco Nachos From Home

Easy Taco Nachos

Tacos have always been a family favorite in my household. Using the traditional taco shells is all we knew when i was growing up. Today restaurants like Taco Bell are coming up with some unique shells, like Doritos cheesy shells. Anyway instead of going out to buy nachos or tacos make "Easy Taco Nachos". Instead of the usual shell use corn tortilla chips and all your favorite toppings.


1 Pound of ground beef
1 Pack taco season any brand
1 Large tomato diced
Lettuce chopped
Mexican blend shredded cheese
Sour cream
Nacho peppers

Brown the ground beef until done, drain fat and add a little water. Adding water will keep the beef moist.
Add in your season packet, stir until beef is coated. Next put your corn tortilla chips in a plate and start adding your favorite toppings.

Optional ingredients such as guacamole or Doritos

Here is the finished result.

I love adding Louisiana hot sauce to my meat instead of salsa, it gives this dish a kick if you're a spice lover.

taco nachos

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