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Summer Style For City Girls

Summer Style

Sex and The City is one of my favorite shows. Full of fashion, fun, love and you know what else the big S. I just love all these women, because they have their own fashion sense and I just love it. Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Charlotte York and Miranda Hobbes don't you just love them? I know I do. Well I put together an inspiration in outfits that I love to fit their personalities. It was so fun to do this and just had to blog about it, this style are Summer worthy for going out on the town with your girls. I hope you ladies enjoy and want to know do you still watch the show?

Carrie Bradshaw inspiration outfit

 Carrie is quite the sassy on of the group Book writer/ Fashionista. She has her own unique style and boy does she love her heels! Add a cute tank top, tulle mini skirt, and fabulous Floral high heels for those hot Summer night on the town

Samantha Jones inspiration outfit

Samantha is the public relation worker with a high sex drive  that has the biggest confidence. You gotta love her personality! She love her sexy dresses, Which show off her perfect figure. Pair with some cute accessories and of course sexy high heels to catch the guy of your eye.
Charlotte York inspiration outfit

Oh! sweet sweet Charlotte! Do we just love her personality? She's the conservative one of the group, loves love. When she was single she was always looking for her knight and shinning Armor. She loves her cute, but expensive dresses. Add some cute heels with a belted dress for a conservative look with your girls.

Miranda Hobbes inspiration outfit
 Miranda The lawyer workaholic. Always speaks her mind, fiery Red head that gives the right advice to her friends. Even though she's into business suits, she also sticks to a classy style when going out with her girls. She loves elegant dresses, a nice handbag and statement jewelry for her outfits

I hope I came close to their personal styles on Sex and The City:)

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