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Why I Love Stiletto heels (And You Should, Too!)

Hi readers, yes you saw the title right "Why I Love Stiletto heels (And You Should, Too!)" and I'm going to tell you right now, erm erm!, clears throat. I love stiletto heels because they are sleek, sexy and they elongate the legs and you know we all love long legs and wish we were born with them, especially women with shorter legs. That's where stiletto comes in to give us women that are not so tall.

In the post I will show you two new unique stiletto heels and two stiletto heels under $50 , yes just right for your budget and with a hint of creativeness to them. First, I want to introduce you to the unique heels. I chose the Red Peep-toe Heels with Peacock pattern , these are so elegant and I love the Gold pattern around them resembling peacock feathers, the Gold stem of the heel is so beautiful and shiny and the height is about 5 to 8 inches long.

These heels come in different colors such as Blue and Black to match whatever outfit you chose to wear with them and are great for parties, love love these.

Now the next unique heels are the Fashion Chic Heels, for those of you that love the shine of Gold like I do, these are made of shiny leather and would go great with a sexy pair of jeans and top or even a form fitting dress, add in your accessories and you are set. These heels comes in Red and Black also yes!

If you love stilettos and a bargain shopper then under $50 is right for you and you can find they are high in quality and beauty in different styles and patterns to appease  your taste.

Graffiti Graffiti! Yes, I love the art of it, you find it on trains and buildings and now you can wear on heels, I love the colors on this stiletto from Red, Black and hints of Purple and Blues and a picture of a woman on them. Wear these heels with White jeans or leggings to make a fashion statement and I know people will compliment these. Made for Spring/Autumn and on the dresser side.

And last but not least the Flower Print Pointed Toe Heels, so pretty and light for the Spring season, for those who love flower prints these are great for outings such as shopping when you want to be all dolled up or even Sunday services. I love the sleek Purple stem on these and the lovely colors. You can wear a dress suit with these or pantsuit for an elegant look. Gorgeous and that's why I love stiletto heels lol!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post on these lovely but unique heels


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