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How To Blow Dry Hair Super Fast

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We all want gorgeous, smooth locks but unfortunately most people don't have a whole lot of extra time in the morning to achieve the perfect blowout. Here are a few tips to help you blow dry your hair fast.

Use A Ceramic Brush 

Use a ceramic brush in order to give yourself a fast blowout. The ceramic exterior will increase heat and allow for more airflow since these brushes generally have fewer bristles. Use your hair dryer's cool shot button in order to set your style once you're finished styling a section of hair. This will make your blowout last longer. 

Use A Microfiber Towel

Speed up the hair blowing process by removing excess water before you even start with a microfiber towel. Microfiber towels are much more absorbent compared to cotton towels and will also help minimize damage which can occur from towel drying hair vigorously.

Pick A Dryer With At Least 1800 Watts

Powerful wattage is a must if you have hair that is extra thick or long. Pick a dryer with high wattage like the Rusk Speed Freak which offers 2000 watts of power to tame even the thickest and unruly hairs.  According to Jacqueline C, founder of Shop Hair Dryers, professional dryers such as the T3 and Supersolano produce more air flow compared to traditional dryers for even faster drying times.

Blast Heat At The Roots

Focus on concentrating the blow dryer's heat at the roots since this is the part of your hair which generally tends to retain the most water. Our ends usually dry first. Directing air flow toward the roots will also increase body and volume which is always a good thing!

Always Use Conditioner

Skipping conditioner when you're in a hurry may actually lead to even longer drying times. Conditioner helps  to repel water and prevent your hair from absorbing an excessive amount of water.

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