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How To Maintain A Happy Relationship (Blog Post Share)

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing fine today. Today I'm re sharing a post I wrote as a guest blogger from "Fancy Your Aura. It's about maintaining a happy relationship.


We love love, but every relationship have their problems. There's no such thing as a perfect relationship in this world, but we can do things to rekindle the happiness. As you know in the beginning you have those butterflies in your tummy and your heart is so filled with love for the partner you are with. You two go out on romantic dates, hold hands, kiss and whisper sweet nothings and I love you's, but as times goes by a year passes then many years. The stress of work, paying bills really starts to take a toll on the relationship and you start to question it. In this post I will give you some tips to keep love and happiness alive.
1. Communication is key!

If there is no communication between the two ever then the relationship will fall apart fast. Communicating your problems with each is a start. Be open and don't hold back what's going on in your heart. When you speak your concerns don't shout at your partner be stern and gentle. Shouting only will fuel the conversation and lead it into another direction you don't want to go. Show some love by placing your hand on their hand and start to speak. This will show them you really care and want to get things solved.

2. Alone Time

We are allowed to have time for ourselves from our partners. Let's face it being around them 24/7 without a break will get boring so if you want alone time talk it out on the day you want to spend time with your friends or even by yourself. Go to that cool movie you always wanted to see, have lunch or dinner with a family member. For me personally I would go spend a night with my mother. When you are out call or text your partner to let them know you are thinking about them. Send cute selfies of yourself and the places you are having fun at. Alone time is key to a better relationship and with yourself.

3. Go The Extra Mile

Doing things for your partner shows them you really love them and will do anything for them. I make coffee for my husband every morning while he is asleep and wake him up with a good morning honey and sometimes a smooch on the lips. He loves that and smiles when I bring him his morning coffee. Whatever it is they love try to fulfill it. Cook their favorite meal, bring her flowers and a card, get him his favorite cologne or buy that sexy lingerie he was browsing that he wanted for you.

4. Bring Laughter!

Laughter cures the soul. Being silly with each other is so refreshing. Crack some jokes, tickle their funny spots or watch your favorite comedy movies with them. I love being silly with my husband because he loves being silly also and this keeps the relationship fun and exciting.

5. Play Stranger Role Play

What I mean about this is plan to meet where you first met and role play. In the beginning your eyes locked with each other so you walk over and introduce yourself and offer to by them a drink. Strike up some good conversation like when you both met. You can even role play at home, maybe a superhero lol! or even that sexy Vixen you left in the past. Spicing up your relationship makes your partner want you even more and fall in love with you all over again.

Relationship takes a lot to maintain, but if you really love them you will do what you have to do to make them happy. Whether finances or other thing making a negative impact in your life, talk it out and resolve it. If things can't be mended in your terms pray about it to a higher power because prayer is key.

Thanks so much for stopping by to read today's post. I hope it has given you some insight on keeping things happy and healthy.

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