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How To Make An Easy Ramen Noodle Meal

noodle header
Yes some of you may know the well know noodle Maruchan. That brand is my most favorite out of the other brand noodles. Every month I buy a box of 24 especially for my younger son, Which loves these noodles so much. I don't eat them as much but when I do I like to add my own ingredients. Many people love to eat them just as they are instructed and some love to put their own little twist. Ramen noodle is by far the cheapest food you can buy when you are on a very low budget.

I've even read that some celebrities survived on eating ramen noodles starting out in their careers. It's affordable and it tides you over until you can afford more meatier food. Well today I'm here to tell you, you can add whatever you like in them to make a better meal instead of eating them plain all the time. I love adding ground beef, butter, onion and season pack. The chicken noodle pack is my favorite, it's just something about that flavor with ground beef. Ramen noodles also come in other flavors such as shrimp, beef, creamy chicken and more.

 Sometimes I love adding shrimp to the shrimp flavored noodles. You can add in zucchini and other veggies to make your own little Asian noodles. Add how much ground beef you like. If you are just making some for yourself just about a handful and a half into a skillet with sliced or diced onion. You can boil your noodle while you are cooking the meat. Brown the beef and onion together until done. Drain out the fat and sit aside.

beef and onion

Make sure you don't over cook your noodles, I hate very soggy noodles. Cook until you see that they are
just the way you like. In this picture they are not done yet but you get what I'm talking about.


Drain them and add the season pack and a little square piece of butter. Stir until mixed well and now you
have a ramen noodle meal.

noodles in skillet
ramen noodles
You can add some toast on the side and enjoy this easy little meal. It's very delicious and it satisfies your hunger. Thank you so much for stopping by to read.
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