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Raincoat Designed For Your Handbags

A Raincoat cover just for your handbags

Good day readers, Have you ever got caught in the rain with your handbag or purse? Well, many of us have. Have you ever heard of a raincoat for your handbag? Cloversac has the solution for your problems. Rain is no joke when it is pouring all over your bag and due to that it can destroy your precious purse, leaving water stains and discoloration.

The solution!

Some have used rain repellent to solve the problem and some results can vary and it can also darken your handbag. This is where the Purse Rain Cover comes in, it's stylish to cover up your expensive and not so expensive purses. Materials used for this rain cover are Peva, the same material used for umbrellas and raincoats. Just slip the cover over your bag and fasten up the Velcro up to the purse handles and you are set! No more rain and you are protected and in a stylish way.

purse rain coat

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