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Modern Therapy- When And Why To Turn To Online Counselling

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With the advancement of technology, the prevalence of smartphones and the rise in apps and social media, support for mental illnesses and accessibility to mental health professionals have never been greater. Online therapy offers numerous advantages to a potential client; however, it is important for both individuals and mental health practitioners to be informed of its benefits as well as its limitations. Here, we will explore why online counselling might be right for you and when to turn to it.

Location friendly
Online counselling is an ideal option for those who are remote, live in rural areas or do not have access to a mental health practise in their town; all you need to reach a licensed therapist is Wi-Fi. If you find yourself struggling to find treatment because of location, e-therapy could be the solution for you.

Convenient and affordable
Therapy sessions can be done at the comfort of your own home via a number of communication tools such as email, online chat or video call. This is particularly useful for children and teens who are more comfortable communicating online than in person. Additionally, sessions can also be scheduled according to your own convenience.
Online therapists also offer a number of affordable treatment options, even if you are not covered by health insurance.

Accessible for those with physical limitations
Those who are physically disabled, unable to leave their home or immobile will find that online therapy is a useful alternative to traditional counselling settings. Those with hearing and visual difficulties may also benefit from this therapy style as various communication methods are available.

Potential clients may find relief in knowing that there need be no face to face contact in online therapy; the anonymity of this therapeutic style means that there is no need for concern over one’s race, gender, size or age. This can bring about more authenticity and honesty during the therapy sessions as people find this ‘invisibility’ non-threatening and even empowering.

Availability and diversity of therapists
Online counselling provides a range of therapists to choose from domestically or even internationally. Finding one that you like, trust and can open up to is of vital importance, and modern therapy now allows for you to cast a wide net and choose a therapist who is knowledgeable and has expertise on a particular issue.

Online therapy is growing rapidly and is not only helpful for those seeking professional assistance, but can be a pathway to greater mental health awareness, including specifics of disorders and treatment. 

While there are disadvantages to undertaking therapy online, such as indirect assistance when going through a personal tragedy, a lack of real-world interaction and non-verbal cues and technological difficulties, online counselling can still be highly effective under the right circumstances and with the right therapist.

If you find location or physical limitations as hindrances to therapy and treatment, desire an affordable and confidential practise which works on your time and schedule and would like a vast array of therapists to choose from, online counselling may just be the perfect thing for you.

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