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Don't Let Age Hinder Your Fashion Taste

Carrie Bradshaw
Carrie is a shoesaholic! The girl has to have her heels. She has very expensive taste and I love her choices
I don't know about you, but I love that show "Sex And The City"1 and 2. Surely some of you ladies can relate to some of the women in the show. The one with the most fashion sense is Carrie Bradshaw, even though she is a book writer, she carries herself in a playful, youthful way even though she is in her 40's. I'm sorta, kinda her in certain aspects. Sometimes I love dressing a little edgy and sassy to show off my youthful side. My post on the "Kill'in It Graphic Dress Here.

I love that she mixes up her clothing patterns and oh! How sexy her heels are. Who says you have to dress 40ish just because you are 40ish? Why grow old with your age when you can live life to the fullest? I'm not saying go dress super super young with hootchy mama shorts lol! But put on a style just right for you with a little youthful feel. I've put together this collection on some of the characters in the show and I think I got their fashion just right, a young feel with some sass, elegance and sexy appeal.

Miranda Hobs aka Mom/Lawyer
Even though is a workaholic the girl can throw down in fashion when she's with her girls

She clutches with her outfits
Chole Clutch Black Cheveron

Samantha the business woman and sexual one! She's stylish and over the top personality.

Stylish Trina

I'm 42 years old and still feel like that 17 year old girl at times, especially when I have something fab to show off to you guys. I love my makeup and the cute clothing I wear and my hair do's, Oh yes! I love feeling young and will continue to be me no matter what others say about me. Dress it up girl! Even if you're a mother, lawyer, or a book writer. Don't let age determine your outer and inner self.

Here are ways that keep me young

1. Laugh! Laughter is a great medicine to keep you looking and feeling young. I love acting goofy and making my spouse and family laugh also

2. Be spontaneous, Get up and go on an adventure even though it's not out of town, Go on a fun date with your spouse. I do this often and the rush I get is so fun.

3. Dance, dancing is great! Hell, I love listening to rock music and some metal. Bob your head, swing your hips and watch how fun and exciting it is.

4. Socialize with friends, Go out and have a drink with your girlfriends. I go out with my favorite cousin and we talk about our younger days and all the crazy stuff we did in our teens.

5. Fashion, girl! Buy that outfit you always wanted to buy with that spiky belt and spiky heels lol! Getting that daring outfit you always wanted to wear is exhilarating!

 Those are the ways that make me feel young and alive. If this post doesn't make sense to you, it makes sense to me lol! Have a great Thursday :)

Check out this article on "Ways To Look Younger And Feel Great"

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Killin It Over 40 Plussize Lace Up Dress

laceup dress

I finally got my dress and sneakers and I must say I'm loving this Graphic Lace Up Dress. When I saw it online from Rainbow Shops I had to buy it. It cost $17.97 and come in two more colors, Peach and Olive and sizes 1x-3x, I'm wearing a 3x. I also bought me some sneakers in Black, Which was online at Rainbow Shops for $7, what a deal. You can dress pretty in the cheap range and the dress and sneakers cost a total about $34.

The details on the dress Killin It is so hip and cute. Loving the laceup in the mid section to adjust the dress to what you like. The length is 39 inches above my knees and I'm loving how it showcases my legs lol! Big and beautiful honey!

Anyway the hubby and I went to the park to take my pictures and sit and chat a while and watch the ducks Even though it rained today we still had a great time. The lake is just beautiful.



Grahpic dress

Killin It







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Cool And Hip At 40 Plus

Cool And Hip At 40+

There are no limits to what you want to wear as long as you are comfortable. This plus size Killin It Graphic Lace Dress speaks to me. I've always like being versatile, so when I saw this dress on Rainbowshops it was added to my wanted list.

It has the words Killin It on it and lace up to tighten or loosen where you want it. I paired this dress with White tennis shoes and a White cap. You can wear a long hairstyle with this outfit and wear dark lips and neutral eye-shadows for a complete vibe, casual look. This dress, cap and tennis shoes is my next purchase to show case on my blog. I'm so loving showing my fashion taste and joining blog hop parties. Stay tuned to see how I'm killin it in this dress.

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