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Why Are Your Current Weight Loss Exercises Not Working?


Losing weight is hard work. And it can be very disheartening when your efforts aren't rewarded with the desired results. However, if you maintain the same strategy, the same results will inevitably be seen. Identifying the source of your shortcomings before rectifying the situation is the only way to steer yourself to a better future.

Here are four key reasons why you're not currently seeing the results you deserve, along with what can be done to fix the situation.

1) You Lack Motivation

The only way to successfully lose weight is to commit yourself to the process. Without a genuine source of motivation, dragging yourself to the gym on a cold winter morning will become very tough. Conversely, when you truly want success, nothing will stop you.

Only you can determine where that motivation comes from. Whether it's wanting to be a more active parent or to gain self-confidence, inspiration is vital. Aside from preventing skipped days, it'll play a key role in getting more out of each workout. In turn, this will enhance your progress.

You can maintain the motivation by competing against friends.

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2) Plans Aren't Tailored To You

The fundamental formula for fat loss couldn't be simpler. If you burn more calories than you consume, you will see progress. Unfortunately, the human body is a complex machine. Crucially, we are all unique. As such, any strategy should be built around your personal needs.

This process should consider your goals, current lifestyle, and limitations. Tests from Dynamic DNA Laboratories can provide biological insight for guidance. Knowledge is power and a better understanding of your body can only point you towards better results. 

Better still, knowing that plans are optimized for success can deliver added confidence in the method.

3) They're Not Supported By A Healthy Lifestyle

Following the right fitness plan is an integral feature in finding the right strategy for weight loss. But it is far from being the only influential factor. If the supporting features aren't in place too, a lot of the good work achieved during workouts will be lost.

Nutrition and hydration are naturally essential pieces of the jigsaw. However, it's equally crucial to ensure that you get enough sleep to promote a better physical recovery. Listening to Calm sleep stories and music can work wonders. Best of all, you'll have more energy for workouts.

Until all aspects of your life are connected, results will remain limited.

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4) You Aren't Tracking Your Progress

It's one thing to follow what is perceived to be a good program. In truth, though, the results will reveal all you need to know. While you shouldn't expect overnight success, extended stagnation tells you that a change is needed. So, regular monitoring is key.

Tracking your weight loss isn't only about the scales. The way your clothes hang on your body will have a big influence too. Learning how to take your measurements in the correct way is an important step. Likewise, you must keep setting little milestones en route to bigger goals.

Get this right, and the pounds will continue to drop until your targets are hit.

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