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Good morning readers! I hope your day is going well as we move slowly to the weekend. My week have been somewhat fine. Several weeks ago I was diagnosed as a diabetic, which kind of through me off a bit, but I did have a feeling I might of had it due to being overweight and the way I was feeling. I really don't know how long I had it , but was glad I went to the doctor finally to get checked out.

I'm taking my health very serious now and I'm eating smaller portions, I cut out bread, rice potatoes and such. Mornings sometimes I have 2 scrambled eggs in olive oil, sometimes oatmeal. Dinner usually is baked chicken and veggies. I tell you it's a struggle for me at time to take medication everyday. Before I didn't eat breakfast, but now it's a lifestyle I must keep up. I'm also losing weight, I've lost 20 pounds. I weighed 350 now down to 329.6 and feeling proud. I just want to get out of the 300's and get to a more healthier weight and start feeling good. It's hard trying to find food to help level out my sugar, but I'm learning because this is new to me. Anyway you guys have a good day!

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