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Why Natural Cures in Your Kitchens are the Best Things for your health


Hello readers, I wanted to write a post on "Why Natural Cures in Your Kitchens are the Best Things for your health". Did you even know this and have you ever read somewhere about natural cures in your kitchen?

my spice sage

There are a lot of diseases in this world that can be cured. Doctors do not want you to know this, because they have to make money right? They are in the business to make money with the not so natural cure medicine. You may find some doctors that's willing to give you a few pointers in natural cures, but rarely. I remember this sweet male pediatrician, I use to take my two youngest children to, I remember my 6 month old had a diaper rash and the ointment I used was not working so he suggested an old home remedy, which was parched flour, you brown it in a skillet, let it cool then apply to the affected area. It really worked within days so I started using it that day forward.

 raw honey

  God has put natural herbs on this planet for you to take full advantage of  to cure a lot of sickness. They're right in reach . They could be right in your back yard. There are everyday foods in your kitchen that will heal. I was doing research on the Cinnamon and Honey cure and did you know this when infused together heal Cancer, Arthritis, indigestion, Heat Disease, toothaches, skin problems and weight loss among others? This is amazing to me, being that I'm overweight, I'm always willing to try out remedies for weight loss.

ceylon cinnamon

When doing the Cinnamon and Honey, please do not use the cinnamon Cassie its not a natural food and if taken every day can cause health issues. Rather use Ceylon the real natural Cinnamon, it tastes great in cooking and smell so yummy. It can be consumed everyday without any side effects. I have ordered mine from
My Spice Sage They sell by the ounce and pounds. I'm so happy I found this. Remember the world is filled with natural cures we just have to find it. Thanks for reading and hope this post was useful to you.

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