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Busy Worklife? Take A Step Back And Chill With These Top Tips


If you’re a workaholic you might find it difficult to take a step back and relax. More and more people are working upwards of 50 hours a week and it just isn’t healthy. At least in the long term. You need to balance your working with proper down time otherwise you might start to see cracks showing. These cracks can appear in your relationships, mental health and even physical health if you do something which can be a little strenuous. Working more may mean more money for you and your family. But if you can’t take the time away from work to enjoy it then what’s the point? These tips can help you start taking the time to relax that you deserve. Hopefully they’ll fit in with your likes and dislikes, but if they don’t, hopefully they can push you into the right mindset and you’ll start being able to take the step back from your work life.

Fill Your Time With Something That Makes You Feel Good

When you start doing something that makes you feel good about yourself you’ll want to do it more. This means you’ll leave work to do it, ensuring you get the relaxation you deserve. Different things make people feel good. It might be pampering yourself. Looking at treatments that boost your confidence is a great way to go. It might be microdermabrasion, permanent hair removal, or a day in your local spa. If you find something worthwhile it might give you something to fight against work for. It doesn’t always work. Especially if you are under unnecessary pressure at work. But for those who work more of their own volition, then this one’s for you.

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Have A Serious Discussion With Your Boss

If the pressure at work is forcing you to do untenable hours then you need to have a chat with your boss. Overworking has never been such a problem in the western world. Especially in the USA and the UK. People fall into the trap of needing to impress. They do this by working longer hours. When it becomes expected of them they do the same again until it reaches an untenable point. Manage expectations by having a real word with your boss. Tell them that you need to dial down the extra hours. If they don’t take it well then you know, deep down, that it might not be the place for you and you might have to look elsewhere.


Reading has been a proven stress eliminator for years. You can do it practically anywhere too. On your lunch break. Or while you’re using public transportation. With the advent of the kindle and other e-readers it makes carrying clunky books around a thing of the past too. Reading is great because it immerses you in a new world. Somewhere different that can fully take your mind off work and allow it to wonder and focus on something else. If you’re struggling to step back from your busy work world then reading is a surefire way to get out of it for a while.

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