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Don’t Fight With Time… Signs Of Getting Older We Need To Focus On

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It's never something that we want to think about, but, the fact is, our steady decline begins as soon as we turn 18 years old! While we've spent a lot of time trying to fight old mother time, there are always going to be signs that we are getting older in age, but what are these important signs, and is there anything we can really do to combat these?

 Our Eyesight Getting Worse

 It’s common that a lot of people have issues with their eyesight early on in life, and if you have concerns, it's always worth going to get a cataract examination, or visit an optician, just to make sure that everything is checked. The vast majority of the time, especially when you're younger, is that you will require reading glasses. But, with a lot of eyesight issues, we can actually try to fix them ourselves. There are things we can do to exercise our eyes. There are numerous resources online to help us with this, but sometimes, you may find that you've gone to an optician for a checkup, and your minor eyesight problems have actually fixed themselves. In which case, you've got a pair of reading glasses to help you read if you are feeling a little bit tired!

 Our Mental Health 

A very important thing to talk about now is our mental health. We don't always feel inclined to tell everybody about how we are feeling, but it's more common in those that have reached retirement age, that they can begin to feel isolated. But, this is not to say that we aren't all prone to a few moments of mental health issues ourselves. We need to recognize our own individual triggers. Maybe stress and anxiety are two things you have a predilection towards, in which case, finding positive outlets, whether through friends or family members, or taking that opportunity to step back from life and do the things that you know are good for your mental health, are very important to maintaining our overall sense of sanity. This is something that we can ignore because the pressures of modern life are too much to bear sometimes. As we get older, we begin to appreciate the quieter moments in life. When we're in our 20s and 30s, we see everyone else around this going at a million miles an hour and we feel we have to do the same. But, be sure to trust your instincts, and to listen to your gut. Because you may be doing something that's not particularly healthy for you.

 Our Physical Health

 As sure as eggs is eggs, our physical health begins to decline, and this isn't just in terms of whether we eat a bad diet or not, as we get older, things become a little bit more difficult to do. But, it doesn't need to be this way. Instead, by keeping an eye on our own physical health, and taking positive steps to fix this as soon as possible, we can live a long and happy life with minimal issues. Of course, everybody talks about exercise being important, but a lot of people feel that they have to exercise 7 days a week in order to maintain some semblance of physical strength. This isn't the case, and in fact, you can actually exercise too much, and put yourself in a physical deficit. We seem to have the opinion that we have to rely on walking sticks after a certain time in our lives, but this isn't the case. The fact is that muscle is something that can regenerate itself if we give it the right nutrients and stimulus. A lot of people who have suffered accidents have been able to rebuild their strength with resistance exercises and weight training. The important thing to know is what is best for you. Generally, weight training is a very good way for us to keep our strength up, but we need to supplement it with the right nutrition. As we get older, calcium is drawn out of our bones, so, we need to ensure that we are taking the best supplements possible to combat any physical deterioration. We have to accept that physical deterioration is part of getting older; we don't need to think that as soon as we turned 60, we're going to need a wheelchair to get around!

 That Existential Dread 

There are milestones in our lives where we are reminded of our own mortality. Maybe friends pass away, or we lose loved ones, and this can result in an existential crisis of sorts. But it's important to gain a sense of clarity, but this is something that we can't do without gaining life experience. The best defense in this respect is to find ways to reduce our own stress. There are so many different ways for us to recognize how we are feeling anxious, but it's a part of life that we feel concerned about getting older. But we view getting older as a negative thing; because it seems that we are in a permanent state of decline. Yes, we are, but are we going to spend the rest of our lives worrying about it, or are we going to embrace this, and use the things that we actually develop as we get older, such as our intelligence? It is a part of getting older, and maybe we end up going to more funerals and weddings, and everyone around us is getting pregnant, but we all feel that as we get older, that our life is slowly beginning to tick away. It's a big cliché, but it's all about being in the moment, and embracing what we have now. Our life is what we make it. There are people that we know who are constantly in a negative frame of mind, and then there are others who are totally positive, and we can take one of two options, so which one is it going to be? Getting older is inevitable, but we need to reframe our own attitudes towards it. Yes, there are numerous signs we are getting older, such as our physical decline, mental health issues, and being worried about the fact we're getting older, but, life is what you make it. So maybe it's not worth focusing on those couple of wrinkles, and actually burrowing deep into ourselves to think about what is actually important in life.


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