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Five Ways To Keep Cool and Stay Fashionable This Summer!

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Casual Shorts Saturday Re Purposing Old Clothing

casual Saturday In Shorts

casual Saturday In Shorts by tipsyheelz on Polyvore

Today is such a humid day, but rather beautiful. The sun hasn't shown up but also the trees in my yard are in full bloom and so colorful. The neighbors are barbecuing, which smell so darn good. My husband is also starting up the pit. We are having chicken and baked potatoes with all the fixings. Anyways darlings today is a casual shorts kind of day. I'm not a shorts person like I use to be as a young girl when my shape was banging lol! but when I saw a fellow fashion blogger in White shorts and this cute blazer. I just had to wear some and of course it's the season to show them legs off.

Now being the creative person I am, I re purposed some Spring clothing from last year I wore to my aunt's Black and White Party. I bought a maternity blouse with long White sleeves on Amazon because I needed a blouse that could cover my bulging tummy. I also bought White leggings to match from Walmart for $5, so this woman (Me lol!) decided to dig into my closet, grab some scissors and get to snipping.

Casual Shorts

I cut the sleeves out and left over trimming alongside the arm part making it a tank top so my arms can breath in this hot weather. Next I cut my leggings and then folded them above my knee and presto! totally new short set without spending money for one. I paired with a Colorful Rainbow Rope Necklace from Amazon and wore Black sneakers.

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Colorful Rainbow Necklace

I had to look smart today in my reading glasses from GlassesShop. They are an awesome website to shop all types of affordable glasses. I'm wearing the Giselle Cat Eye ones in Re/ Tortoise and they are still holding up from my last review of them. Very sturdy and fashionable for a woman like me.


Short Set

Wedding book


Today is a great day to sit out in the yard in my short set, while hubby cooks on the pit and read this book I have called " Handcrafted Weddings". It has tons of ideas on personalizing your wedding or simply making something for a friend or relative. Summer time is wedding season full of beautiful dresses, Bride and guest. Soon enough I will be attending my cousin's wedding. She finally found the man of her dreams, so I'm happy for her to find true love and see her smile. I have no clue what I will be wearing, but I may just make me something to parade in lol!. The general idea of this post is that you can find old clothing in your closet or resale and make them something new. God know if I had a ton of clothes I would wear the heck out of them lol! I hope this post was a little interesting to you on your Saturday. With that being said you all have a wonderful, wonderful weekend and thanks so much for stopping by.

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