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I Bought Peep Toe Heels Practically For Less Than A Dollar

Good morning heel lovers, boy do I have something to share with you lol! the title of this post is right, that "I Bought Peep Toe Heels For Less Than A Dollar now I know this seems impossible to you but let me tell you how I got them for that amount.

I was accepted into a program called Mom's Connection from Hallmark where you get Amazon gift codes to participate within the community and it's so fun sharing your thoughts with others, so I've been an active participant for about a month now and I have earned a total of $20 for my activity. Well I was in search for a heel I can wear to my daughters graduation next week and saw these Suede peep toes, Which are brand new.

The price of these little ladies for my size is $11.99 plus $9.99 shipping and handling and they come in different colors, my total came up to $21.98 and I added in my $20 gift code, mind you I already had about a dollar and some cents from a previous gift code balance. My gift card amount totaled $21.04 and that left me with only $0.94 to pay yes! So that's how I paid less than a dollar lol!

I just can't wait to make a post of me wearing them for my daughter's graduation next week and I'm so hoping that I get them before the 29th of May of this month. So I really hope you enjoyed this little post I've shared with you and hope you have a fab day and stay tuned to see me wear this pretty little heels.

You can buy these on Amazon if you  want a pretty heel for less Amazon - Update this are currently unavalible until restock, but you can check out similar ones from Amazon online.

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Bandolino Women's Supermodel Synthetic Dress Pump

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