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Celebrating Prom In Style

Prom 2017

Images are taken by me under my photography name TPhotography

I had a wonderful time taking my daughter and her friends photo's for Prom this month. Even though I'm an amuesre the pictures turned out beautiful!. My daughter asked me could I take them if they couldn't find anyone to take them, so I jumped at the chance.  This is her first Prom and her and her friends looked handsome and beautiful. They all matched in this vibrant Blue color and they got compliments at the George Bush Library.

I met up with her father so he can take his own pictures and I could tell he was so proud of her and how she is growing. They grow up so fast and when you see them all dressed up it just takes your breath away. They all had fun getting their pictures taken, even the mom of the other kids too.

Prom dress

Prom 2017

Dress Prom

Student Prom

Qinisha Prom


Girls Prom

Groups Student Prom

They all looked so glamorous, especially the young man in those fly shoes lol!

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