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About Me

About Me

 Hi, I'm Trina as you know, I'm a down to earth woman that is a mom and wife and I really enjoy
pretty things such as flowers, nature and pretty jewelry. I love shopping and cooking for my family, it is a way to connect with them. I also love photography and shooting various things, including myself.

As a child, I would sit back and look at the beautiful surroundings and wish I had this and that like clothing a better house to live in but as I've gotten older I appreciate the small things I have now. I can say I'm very blessed to be alive and that I still have some family members around to share my life with.

Anyway, lol! I love fashion, makeup, heels ect... These are the things I also look forward to when I wake up like posting about fashion and trying to find creative ways to make my talent show through, oh yes! I have many talents. I can sew and sing and I'm sure there's some more talents in me somewhere just have to explore lol!

I started this blog to show my creativity and to meet cool people that are willing to work with me one day, hopefully that dream will come true soon. I want genuine people who believe in me and around me. Just because I'm a small blogger I think I have just as much right as any big blogger to work with great brands.So with that being said a small town Southern girl wishes to shine and bring smiles to people's faces.

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About Me

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