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Why Hair Is A Source Of Confidence For All?


As far as history can remember, hair has always played a significant role in the definition of womanhood. In all cultures, beautiful and long hair remains a symbol of femininity, even today! From the Venus of Willendorf statue to the Birth of Venus by Botticelli, artists throughout the ages have also depicted women with a long mane. As such, it is easy to see why most of us continue to think of our hair as a source of confidence. 

However, there’s more to your hair than an image of womanhood. It can become your greatest stylish tool!

Cheat your way to long hair

Growing your hair takes time and effort. Not every woman is happy to dedicate several years to achieve the dream length. Thankfully, nowadays, you can add a playful twist to any haircut with beautiful hair extensions that look and feel just like the real thing. You can quickly turn a sharp bob hairstyle into an effortless wavy style that falls onto your shoulders or a fantastic set of tight curls that is perfect for braids. 

Hide accessories you don’t want people to see

Most people don’t even think that hair can also hide the things you don’t want to show. Every teenager knows how to hide forehead acne with a long fringe, for instance. But, for adults wearing small hearing aids and cochlear implants, a medium to long hairstyle can keep your ears hidden, making it easier to feel confident about yourself. A voluminous hairstyle can ensure the rest of the implant stays invisible. 

It doesn’t have to show your age

Everybody has gray hair. Depending on your gene pool and lifestyle, you may find yourself turning gray at any age between 20 and 55. While some people embrace their silver hair proudly, others don’t feel confident enough to publicly share their age. You can cover your grays and whites easily , with realistic and natural looking results. Besides, coloring your hair doesn’t take much longer than half an hour at home so that you can get ready in no time. If only we could get rid of fine lines around our eyes as easily! 

It can be your cultural strength

Your hair is your heritage. For Black women, Latinx, or even Asian women, you can differentiate the hair from the heritage you carry with you. Embracing your natural hair is an act of self-acceptance. It is a sign that you are proud of your heritage and that you stand by your ancestors. Each hair type has its strengths and weaknesses, but a Black woman is never as powerful as when she embraces who she is; The same goes for Latin and Asian minorities. Your hair is your voice. 

Showcase your personality

Last but not least, your hair can give you a range of creativity and self-expression you couldn’t get anywhere else. From bright pink to mermaid mane, there’s so much room to reinvent yourself as you see fit. Additionally, bright colored hair can also make a statement, not just stylishly, but they can express an opinion. Rainbow hair, for example, is a vote for the LGBTQ+ community. 

Your hair can be a source of power to establish your personality, confidence, and strength day after day. There is a lot to be said for healthy and stylish haircuts. But why not bring your hair to the next level and use it as a cultural and feminine weapon

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