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Five Ways To Tell That Your Hearing Is Getting Worse

 Hearing is a sense that we often take for granted. Not only does it allow us to hear things around us and have conversations with other people, but it can also help us keep our balance and also perceive things like depth and space. Our ears do a lot more work than people take for granted, hence why it’s important to protect our ears.

But did you know that 466 million people worldwide have some kind of hearing loss? This is an incredible number and experts suggest that we might see this number grow to 900 million by 2050. This isn’t always a genetic or ageing problem either. In fact, one of the most common reasons for hearing loss is exposure to loud noises which is completely preventable.

But how do you tell if you’re having hearing problems? In this post, we’re going to discuss five ways to tell if your hearing is getting worse.

1. You find it difficult to follow big conversations

It’s difficult to follow conversations with a lot of people, but if it ever gets stressful then you might be experiencing some form of hearing loss. Group conversations are challenging for people with tinnitus because of the complex noise environment around you, making it hard to distinguish who’s talking.

2. You hear people commenting about your music volume

Some people just like to listen to their music on a louder setting, but there might be a situation where people start commenting on how loud your computer or television is. This might indicate that their hearing is more sensitive than yours, indicating hearing loss for you.

3. You find that the bass in songs is disappearing

Low-frequency hearing loss is relatively common. This means you’ll have a difficult time hearing the bass in a song. If you find that the bass in songs has diminished, even with a good pair of earphones or headphones, then you might have an early form of low-frequency hearing loss.

4. You’re asking people to repeat themselves

A common trope among seniors is asking people to repeat themselves. This is actually surprisingly common as you age because your hearing does get slightly worse over time. This is completely natural, but you should also avoid exposure to loud noises and damaging your head or ears to prevent this from progressing at an accelerated rate.

5. You experience some form of tinnitus

Tinnitus is described as a high-pitched whine or buzz in your ear. This doesn’t always indicate that you have hearing loss, but it’s often a common sign of hearing loss that you should be mindful of. You’ll want to speak to a physician or audiologist to get your hearing checked so they can diagnose your tinnitus.

If you experience any five of these situations then we highly suggest that you reach out to an audiologist or your local physician. They’ll help you identify if you have hearing loss and will make suggestions on what to do next. Some people find that their hearing loss is caused by something treatable such as an ear infection or a blocked ear. However, others may need to resort to hearing aids to help restore their hearing function. Either way, it’s best to take action as soon as possible to make things easier.

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