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8 Ways to Add Value to Yourself


As Zig Ziglar puts it, "It is impossible to consistently behave in a manner inconsistent with how we see ourselves." This quote aptly describes how we present ourselves; it is like creating a brand that impacts your personal and professional life. Adding value to yourself is essential, and annual earnings can have a direct bearing on self-esteem and self-value. This is why people who believe they have value are likely to earn about $28,000 more than their colleagues who do not. Are you looking for ways to add value to yourself? Here are some essential strategies to focus on.

  1. Be authentic

How long can you keep up a fake appearance? No matter how long it takes, something will surely give you away; being pretentious is quite challenging to keep up with. Instead, you need to assess your strengths and weaknesses. Capitalize on your strengths and acknowledge your weaknesses to add value to yourself. For example, you might have realized you have a humorous character, full of jokes and wit. You can use this personality trait to build a presence and feel good about it, because you are authentically yourself. Over a period, this image would grow, with your authenticity adding more value to yourself.

  1. Conduct research

It is never acceptable to sit on your talent and not look for ways to improve upon it. You should consider your area of expertise and how you can carve a niche for yourself. For example, you may be a Civil Engineer working in a complex field and notice after a while that your organization's marketing strategy could be improved upon. You can decide to research marketing techniques that may be relevant and share them with the marketing team. In this example, you have shown an ability to identify a problem and offer a solution. These are among the many ways you add value to yourself and set yourself apart from your colleagues. Do not be afraid to use your talents or knowledge to improve upon a place you are in- it is what sets you from the rest.

  1. Be mindful of negative self-talk

Everyone has conversations with themselves, which is quite normal. However, the question is in what you are telling yourself. Are you selling yourself short? Or do you motivate and uplift yourself in any given situation? If you think your self-talks lean towards negativity, you can change the dynamics by becoming positive-minded and turning into your own cheerleader. When you make mistakes, interpret that as growth and an opportunity to overcome other similar situations. If your negative self-talk is directed at your body, compliment yourself by getting new clothes, perfume, or Undywear intimates.


  1. Upgrade yourself

In upgrading yourself, it is helpful to see yourself as a viable product that requires an upgrade; you need to develop yourself continuously. Capitalize on your unique attributes based on your skills, personalities, habits, responsibilities, and so on that make you who you are. You may have to improve on some of these attributes, whilst having to learn others. However, in identifying these areas and upgrading yourself, you add more value to yourself.  

  1. Expand your network

In expanding your network, you get to pick up valuable skills from well-established mentors while working your way up into a community of experts. Sometimes the people you meet through networking are advantageous to you; a vast network means you have access to a wealthy reserve of information. Social media is one place you can build a beneficial network. LinkedIn for example, is especially designed to connect working professionals on a common platform. The app makes it more accessible for people worldwide to meet and network simultaneously without geographical restrictions. If you read a book that positively impacted you, try to look the author up on LinkedIn. Share with them how their book caused a paradigm shift in your life. Remember that not every request will transform into a productive relationship, but it is certainly worth a try. 

  1. Go beyond your beliefs

Did you know that the most significant limitations imposed are the ones you brought upon yourself?

Unfortunately, many people tend to stick to entrenched belief systems and place limits on themselves that prevent them from achieving more incredible things. For example, if you come from a family of self-made millionaires who did not attend college, the allure not to seek further education may seem appealing. Indeed, a college or university education is not the final determinant of your success in life. However, it presents a formal learning environment you can take advantage of. 

  1. Respect others and add value to their lives

People with low self-esteem tend to feel victimized and end up always on the defensive. If you find yourself among this category of people, now is the time to shed that cloak. Do not focus on yourself all the time; instead, think about how you could help others. Run an errand for others who may not be able to; opt to babysit kids of busy parents (if you can) or volunteer in a retirement home. By making a difference (no matter how small) in others’ lives and offering your services, you stir up their affection for you. That way, whenever they think of a helpful person, you will immediately come to mind. 

  1. Avoid comparing yourself to others

Competition can be a healthy thing if done without affecting your self-worth. Comparing yourself to others is a dangerous and needless distraction you do not need to engage in; it makes you see others as far better than you, ultimately resulting in discouragement, which is detrimental to your mental health. Your quest is to add value to yourself and to be a better person than you were previously. By looking at competition as a source of motivation rather than a threat, you would learn from their success and mistakes, which adds more value to yourself.

Adding value to yourself goes beyond your benefit; everybody else around you receives the positive energy you generate. In effect, a more valuable you is infectious and may inspire others to also work on themselves. The list is endless, but you have a fair idea of how to focus on yourself and others by now.

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