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Top 6 Things That Young People Cannot Stop Loving


Today's youth are living in their prime time because they have access to numerous technologies. From the social media domains to video games, teenagers and young adults rule their digital world with advanced technologies. While the invention of these technologies looks like a blessing to only the youth, the entire generation of modern civilization is also making the most out of cutting edge technological devices. Here's a look at the top six technologies that modem youth cannot stop loving.

1.Video games
In 2018, the video game market value reached a staggering $180 billion. It's still expected to expand further in the coming years. Well, guess who the players are? Teens! Modern teenagers cannot stop loving video games like Call of Duty. As the Covid-19 rages on, young adults are having fun at home playing video games like never before. That's another way they entertain themselves in quarantine.

You are probably using a smartphone, which is no ordinary phone, to read this article right now. They are mobile phones that come with more advanced features and higher computing power than feature phones. Almost half of all teenagers admit that they can't do without smartphones by their side. Well, why will they feel alright without their best friends? These communication devices connect the youth to almost everything they love most. Mention can be made of their use in social media environments and the internet as a whole. Well, there is nothing shocking about the youth's strong affinity for smartphones. Statistics are evident; about 95% of teenagers report having smartphones or access to some. The love for sports news, video games, and live streaming contribute to the youth's addiction to mobile devices
3.Social media: Facebook, Instagram, etc
In recent years, Snapchat and Twitter haven't been very popular among the youth; they are choosing Instagram. Although teens are shifting from Facebook to Instagram, it's understood that many teenagers still prefer to own multiple social media accounts. Even more surprising is the fact that new social apps keep entering the market to meet the ever-changing needs of youngsters. For example, TikTok continues to rise high in popularity, especially among the youth.

As the saying goes, music is food for the soul. When music hits the youth, they feel no pain; just joy. The rise of music streaming sites like Boom Play and Apple Music marked a new era of digital music. Young artists make money from their musical talents by uploading their recordings to music streaming platforms. At the click of a few buttons, you can now download music onto your phone. There is no need to carry cassette players in this age; they have phased out completely. The only problem is that when young people get addicted to listening to music at loud volumes, it can damage their hearing abilities. Eventually, they may need hearing aids before they can restore their hearing.

5.Video streaming
It's hard to imagine a world without videos.  The rise of video streaming platforms like Google's YouTube has greatly fulfilled the needs of millennials. In one survey, 52% of teens expressed their love for YouTube than any other video streaming service. As if that's not convincing enough, 72% of teenagers report that they visit YouTube almost every day. So, why are young people getting married to video streaming platforms such as YouTube? Well, they are learning a lot of stuff from these online video repositories. And if a teen vlogger can earn thousands of dollars from YouTube with millions of subscribers, what stops you from starting your own YouTube channel?

The youth are infatuated with fantasy sports, thanks to sports technologies at their disposal. For example, in the United States of America, football tops the list of the most-watched sports. As the popularity of football, basketball, and other sports keep rising, the youth are going all out to join the games. About 34% of American teens take part in fantasy football leagues. And it doesn't look like they will want to stop watching the NBA games or Champions League matches anytime soon. Well, you can't blame them because of the invention of digital and high definition flat-screen TVs. Sports activities are simply a form of entertainment for youth. Besides that, they can also make money through sports from the comfort of their homes.

To summarize, the youth are unstoppable when it comes to their use of technology in the digital age. That said, it appears they may be dealing with a double-edged sword.

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