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'Sight, Hearing Sense of Smell... Here's How to Take Care of Each!'


We all use our senses on a day to day basis. So it’s important that we look after them! Let’s get right into business and take a look at simple ways to use three of your most regularly used senses!


The vast majority of us make use of our sense of sight from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep. Having good eyesight makes day to day life a lot simpler and more straightforward. Of course, there are hundreds of thousands of people out there with poor quality eyesight, or who are completely blind, and who lead full and happy lives. But if you have eyesight and can prevent its deterioration, it’s a good idea to put in as much maintenance and care as possible. You can do this by following these steps:

  • Visit an optician - you should visit an optician at least once every two years. They’ll be able to take a look at the overall health of your eye from front to back. This will give them the opportunity to notice any conditions, such as glaucoma, cataracts or even diabetes. Next, they will use a board with large and small letters to determine whether you need prescription lenses for long sightedness or short sightedness. If you do, they’ll be able to write out this prescription and give you more information on lenses or glasses!

  • Try out eye exercises - very few people have even heard of the concept of eye exercises, nevermind carrying them out themselves. But they are useful and could prove great for you! Like many other areas of your body, there are muscles within your eyes. Exercising them can help to ensure your eye movement stays in good shape.


Hearing is another sense that we use constantly. Your hearing doesn’t switch off, even when you’re asleep. It helps to alert you to danger, it allows you to communicate freely and easily with others and it allows us to enjoy music and other sounds. Of course, we use our hearing to talk to one another and listen to music, meaning that it can improve our lives in terms of simple and widely understood communication and musical enjoyment. Now, many of us make the mistake of associating hearing difficulties or hearing conditions with the elderly. But hearing conditions can impact anyone of any age. Here are a few things you can do to tackle auditory problems. 

  • See an audiologist - an audiologist will be able to carry out hearing tests in order to determine your quality of hearing. They can pick up issues and identify their causes. In some cases, you may simply need your ears cleared of wax or thoroughly cleaned. In others, you may need hearing equipment and hearing devices installed to ensure you can hear clearly and at a regular volume.

  • Avoid loud situations - particularly high volume scenarios can cause auditory damage and problems such as tinnitus. It’s important to avoid high volume situations whenever possible. If you work in a loud environment, or are attending a loud concert or gig, it’s recommended that you use protective equipment, such as earbuds or ear covers to protect your ears.


We don’t tend to assign all too much importance to our sense of smell. The human sense of smell is much weaker and much less important to us than many other animals, who rely on a sense of smell to hunt or avoid predators. But the average person can still detect around 10,000 different scents and our sense of smell can still protect us. It can alert us that food has gone bad and shouldn’t be eaten. It can identify gas leaks. It can also give us joy in smelling the nice things - baking bread, perfume, flowers, etc. Now, there’s not a whole lot you can do to maintain your sense of smell, but if you do notice that your sense of smell seems to be deteriorating, it’s a good idea to see a doctor. Anosmia (or a complete loss of the sense of smell) can be a symptom of other illnesses that may need to be tackled.

Of course, you need to take care of your sense of taste and touch too. But for now, hopefully the above advice will give you a headstart when it comes to maintaining some of your senses and staying as healthy as possible. Never underestimate the importance of your senses! Each is there to protect you or make life easier in some way or another!

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