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Take a Hike: How Outdoor Adventures Can Boost Your Wellbeing

While we enjoy the last few days of summer, and await the coming of fall there’s still time for a last minute weekend getaway. Yet, while some may yearn to spend a weekend lounging by a hotel pool or sipping cocktails by the beach and making the most of the breakfast buffet, you’re considering a healthier and more wholesome alternative. Something that will improve your wellbeing in both body and mind. An outdoor adventure with lots of hiking, camping and time spent exploring the natural wonders that have always been on your doorstep. Hiking and camping breaks are a great opportunity to escape the problems of your day to day life, and reconnect with the great outdoors. They can be an opportunity to enjoy some solitude, but they are just as appealing as a getaway for couples and families.

An active, outdoor getaway also carried with it a range of health benefits that are especially important in the current climate…

Lowers stress levels

We’re all experiencing very stressful times. A lot of us are worried about money, about our friends and relatives and about the general instability and uncertainty that have become a part of our day-to-day lives. 

The good news is that spending time in nature has long been known to alleviate stress and even abate the onset of anxiety and depression. Two conditions that have also come to define our mindset for much of 2020. Studies show that combination of spending time outdoors and gentle to moderate exercise can reduce the body’s production of the stress hormone cortisol by over 12%.

Reduces body fat and cholesterol levels

In stressful and uncertain times, many of us turn to comfort food to see us through. And while many of us have been cooking more in our post-lockdown lifestyles, there’s no denying that services like Grub Hub, Postmates and the like have made it easier than ever to get restaurant food delivered to our doors. If you’re worried about the “quarantine 15” phenomenon, an active outdoor trip is a far more enjoyable and fulfilling alternative to sweating your butt off at the gym. Take a look at Fit For Trips and it becomes clear that hiking getaways aren’t just great for your wellbeing, they can really improve fitness too. There’s evidence to show that hiking regularly can reduce body fat and lower cholesterol as well as improving bone density, flexibility and coordination.  

Boosts your immune system 

While there are still hundreds of people dying every day from the pandemic, it stands to reason that many of us are worried about our immune systems. The great news is that a robust outdoor hike can help us out on that front, too! A study by Nippon Medical School in Tokyo demonstrated a clear link between hiking and improved immune function. Participants who hiked twice a day for three days found that their infection-fighting white blood cell counts had increased by 40%. Even a month later, white cell counts remained 15% higher. 

So, if you want to fight off infection, take a hike… at least once a month!

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