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The "Healthy" Habits That Aren't Very Healthy

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Everybody wants to be healthy. It’s hard, but you’re trying to do what’s best for your short and long-term health and wellbeing. Sure, you may have a handful of bad habits, yet that’s normal. It’s how you counteract them that counts, which is why you’ve invested in healthy traits that will boost your mind and body.

Although your attitude is commendable, there’s a problem - not all “healthy” habits are healthy. Sadly, science proves they are myths, and that means you need to erase them from your routine ASAP.

Carry on reading to find out about four of the unhealthiest “healthy” habits.

Swapping Meals For A Smoothie

Smoothies have been helping women lose weight for the past decade, or so some women say. The truth is that the majority of smoothie diets don’t work for two reasons. Firstly, replacing a nutritious meal with water, fruit, and milk is never going to supply the body with the necessary nutrients. Secondly, the fruit is full of sugar, and the insulin spike leads to an increase in blood sugar levels, which encourages cravings. So, you may find that you either plateau or put on weight, two features that are counterproductive to a smoothie diet.

Relying On Music To Relax

While music does have scientifically-proven health benefits, you must be careful of leaning on it too much. Why? It’s because regularly blasting noise into your ears isn’t good for the eardrums and canals. Lots of people go for a hearing test to find that their hearing is impaired and can’t figure out why. Well, it’s down to using earbuds and headphones constantly. If you do like to listen to music to relieve stress or unwind before bed, it’s better to hook your phone up to a speaker. An Echo Dot or Google Home device releases the sound into the room, ensuring your ears don’t take the brunt of the pressure.

Opting For A Salad

No - salads aren’t out, too! This is crazy! On the face of it, a salad is a low-calorie way to provide your muscles with energy, but that’s the basic lettuce and veggies combination. For plenty of people, the dish that arrives is packed with add-ons that boost the calorie content by a couple of hundred kcals. And, because you eat more of it assuming it’s good for you, you’re likely to go over your daily intake. Anyone who loves a salad at a restaurant needs to avoid the heavy dressings that are packed with trans fats.

Drinking Tea Before Bed

A hot beverage is a fantastic way to wind down, especially before bed. The warmness of the cup against your hand combined with incredible aromas is enough to send you to sleep. At least, it should be, yet you’re wide awake hours later. It’s simple - tea contains lots of caffeine. Compared to coffee beans, the leaves have twice the amount, which shows you how stimulating the drink is. If you want a drink before going to sleep, try almond milk or coconut water.

Did you think that these habits were healthy before?

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